ETSI Postponed The Vote on The Nano-SIM by Conflicts between Nokia and Apple

It seems that the conflict between Apple and Nokia on the standardization of the nano-SIM is not going to be a walk for the ETSI, that it has decided to postpone the decision for the choice of the most suitable proposal.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute, has decided that the meeting today have about the standardization of the nano-SIM will not end with votes, as it was planned. Much of the blame for this has the noise media and dissent is being organized between the different protagonists.

The information comes from the French daily Les Echos, country where the meeting is underway. New players appear on the scene, as SanDisk, you think that Nokia design is too similar to your microSD card.

We already know that Motorola and RIM they have positioned themselves on the side of Nokia, but also the company of the BlackBerry, which can happen at times of major changes, has publicly lashed out against Apple. It ensures that representatives of Apple have changed his affiliation, registering in other companies to get more votes.

We will have that wait at least one month for the decision, Meanwhile, I invite you to get in situation of what has been happening so far around cards nano-SIM.