Entertainment and Attractions in Da Nang, Vietnam

The main symbol of Da Nang is a 67-meter statue of the Buddha (Lady Buddha – the female form of the great sage). It is located on the Monkey Peninsula (Son Tra), located northeast of the city, in the Linh Ung temple complex. Other notable attractions are the Linh Ung Pagoda and Sculpture Park. Another symbol of the city is the Dragon Bridge spanning the Han River. At night, the dragon glows and “spews flames” – these fire shows are definitely worth a look, because the best engineers of the country worked on the original lighting.

Arriving in Da Nang, you should definitely visit the Marble Mountains – this is a natural reserve in which temples and statues of local folklore heroes coexist with the creations of nature – amazing grottoes and caves. The Vietnamese called this place “Mountains of five elements” – fire, water, earth, metal, wood. And marble has been mined in those mountains for many centuries – hence the name.

There is one feature: the Vietnamese are poor and very enterprising, they strive to deceive a white tourist everywhere. In museums, for example, buy tickets only at the box office, as caretakers or cleaners often try to extort money – under the pretext of leading secret paths faster and without a queue.

According to zipcodesexplorer, 35 km from Da Nang there is a cable car, listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest (1.3 km above sea level) and the longest (5042 m). It links the base of Mount Ba Na with the summit of Mount Vong Nguyet located next to it. There, tourists can see the statue of a seated Buddha.

Since public transport in Da Nang is not developed, and all the main attractions are located outside the city limits, it makes sense to take excursions. Tourists are taken on comfortable air-conditioned buses, and on sea excursions – on modern hydrofoils. The price of the issue is 1,000,000 – 1,900,000 VND per person (depending on the direction).

Fans of ancient artifacts should definitely visit the Cham Museum (about the people who lived in Vietnam in the 5th-15th centuries). It is easily accessible on foot from anywhere in the city.

Surfing and diving in Da Nang

Danang is considered one of the world’s centers of surfing: since the 90s, international competitions have been held here. Flat bottom, soft sand and stable wind – all these components of perfect surfing attract wave surfers from all over the world; kiting is also popular. There are many surf clubs in the area of ​​ China Beach and Mi-Khe beaches, some of which have instructors with knowledge of the Russian language. You can rent all the necessary equipment for surfing and kiting or book lessons with an instructor (from 650,000 VND per day). In the summer months, the waves are not very big – you can learn from novice surfers. But the time from November to February is for real professionals, the waves during this period reach 2 m.

In June, red jellyfish are found in the coastal strip. They can sting and are dangerous for allergy sufferers.

For connoisseurs of the beauty of the underwater world in Da Nang, there is also something to do. Between it and Hoi An is the Cu Lao Cham Marine Park – a biosphere reserve under the protection of UNESCO. It is here that diving and snorkeling lovers are taken. The undoubted plus of diving in Vietnam is its cheapness. A one-day excursion with equipment rental and an instructor will cost from 1,100,000 VND.

5 things to do in Da Nang

  1. Go on a mountain hike to the Linh Ung Temple and halfway try to take a picture with the statue of the Lady Buddha “in the palm of your hand”.
  2. Taste the mysterious and elite drink from Kopi Luwak beans.
  3. Ride the wave at China Beach
  4. Watch the evening light show at the Dragon Bridge.
  5. Try exotic dishes – fried grasshoppers or minced snake.

Da Nang for kids

On top of Mount Bana, located 35 km from Da Nang, there is a real city – with hotels, gardens, temples, restaurants and hotels. Most tourists come here to ride the longest cable car and visit the unique amusement park Fantasy Park. This complex was inspired by Jules Verne’s novels Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Another worthy place for families is the large-scale Asia Amusement Park. You need to pay once for the entrance, and then ride on all the rides for free. The park has copies of the main attractions of all Asian countries. The Sun Wheel Ferris wheel impresses with its scale and is included in the top ten highest in the world (at the top point of the ascent, its height reaches 115 m). A particularly beautiful view of the city from it opens in the evening – the whole Danang is in the lights, at a glance.


Da Nang is located in the tropical climate zone, characterized by a mild and humid climate. The rainy season is from late July to early January. April to June is the dry season. The rest of the time it rains several times a week, usually at night. There are days when the sun does not burn, but is covered with haze, during such periods it is pleasant to engage in outdoor activities and sightseeing. But don’t skimp on sunscreen. From November to February, strong winds blow on the coast. The best time to travel to Da Nang is April-May.

Attractions in Da Nang, Vietnam