Comeback: Whatsapp Again For Windows Phone Available

Good news for Windows phone users: the messaging app WhatsApp is to find in the store after a two-week outage.

Bugs In Windows Phone 8.1

Mid May the popular messaging application WhatsApp without warning from the Windows phone store disappeared. The developers have temporarily removed the app, because apparently the new operating system Windows phone 8.1 increasingly have occurred in bugs. Microsoft made it a few days later that the notifications about the app had not properly. Read more here.

Last week informed WhatsApp that the bugs were found and fixed, and the application should be available soon again. It took then but longer. Since May 30, the message service, which has been acquired by Facebook a few months ago, is available again on the Windows phone store. Users who have already installed the application, could incidentally, continue to use them. New downloads were no longer possible since the May 17.

Technical And Legal Problems

WhatsApp had to fight more with technical difficulties in the recent past. Only a few days ago, the service had a lasting several hours total failure, which was due to server problems. A similar breakdown is already there in February. Also the judiciary makes the company to create: German consumer advocates filed a lawsuit against the incomplete imprint and the missing translation of the general terms and conditions.