Cities and Resorts in Austria

Kitzbühel (Austria)

Kitzbühel is located 95 km northeast of Innsbruck. This ancient city is known as the center of one of the largest ski areas in Europe.

For the first time the name of the city in historical sources is mentioned under the 12th century, but the first settlements arose here as early as the 2nd millennium BC. Today, Kitzbühel combines monuments of the past and modern buildings. On the old streets there are churches, chapels and monasteries (some of them were built in the 14th century), which are adjacent to traditional European restaurants, bars and cafes, the city is surrounded by castles of the 15th-16th centuries, where hotels and hotels are now located. In general, Kitzbühel – an original and quiet alpine town with picturesque surroundings, a great place for both summer and winter holidays.

Kitzbühel lies at an altitude of 800 m between two mountains – Hahnenkamm (1712 m) and Kitzbüheler Horn (1996 m), on which 145 km of ski slopes and 53 lifts are laid. Skiing began here back in the 30s of the 20th century, and now, almost 100 years later, Kitzbühel boasts some of the best slopes in Europe and ultra-modern lifts. Annually in Kitzbühel the Alpine Skiing World Cup stage is held, here on Mount Hahnenkamm there is the world-famous downhill track – Streif, and on Mount Kitzbüheler Horn – the vast snowboard park “Garden of Eden”. There are also opportunities for ski safari, off-piste skiing, night skiing, cross-country skiers are offered 40 km of flat trails. In Kitzbühel there are ski schools for both adults and children, snowboarding schools, equipment rentals, an indoor pool, which can be visited free of charge with a ski pass, ice rinks, indoor tennis courts, a fitness center, a cinema, about a hundred restaurants, disco bars, cafes and casinos.

During the summer in Kitzbühel lovers of hiking and mountain biking come here, because more than 500 km of trails have been laid in the local mountains. In the vicinity of Kitzbühel there are two lakes: Pillersee and Schwarzsee, where you can also have a great time.

Klagenfurt (Austria)

According to CHEEROUTDOOR, Klagenfurt is the administrative center of Carinthia, which is known as the land of picturesque mountains and more than 1000 lakes. Klagenfurt stands on the eastern shore of Lake Wörthersee.

The old town of Klagenfurt includes the Alter Platz square with the Lindwurm-Brunnen dragon fountain located on it (16th century); baroque palace of the 18th century; Government House Landhaus; numerous houses in the Renaissance style and museums, among which is the “Minimundus”, which represents more than 100 miniature copies of masterpieces of world architecture. The city beach in the summer becomes the most popular holiday destination. Lake Wörthersee – the warmest of the large alpine lakes, in July-August its waters warm up to +25 degrees. The lake is surrounded by snow-capped peaks of the Alps, covered with dense forests. On the northern coast of the lake near Klagenfurt are the popular resort towns of Pertschach and Velden, where tourists are offered numerous hotels and long beaches. You can also have a great rest on the nearby lakes Ossiachsee, Faakersee and Millstettersee.

Lech (Austria)

The ski resort Lech is located in Vorarlberg in the Arlberg Valley. The Arlberg Valley is known as the birthplace of the Austrian ski school. Here, along with the Lech resort, there are such resorts as Oberlech and Zürs, as well as the resorts of the land of Tyrol – San Anton, San Christoph and Stuben.

Among the Austrian resorts, Lech is the most comfortable and elegant. A peculiar microclimate that provides excellent snow cover throughout the season, the highest level of service in comfortable hotels and the entire ski infrastructure have brought Lekh fame as one of the best resorts in the world.

Lech located at an altitude of 1450 m, and the elevation difference in the skiing area is 994 m. For accommodation, tourists are offered hotels in the village of Lech and located a little higher – Oberlech and Zürs. Ski slopes rise directly from the hotels, providing a choice for both beginners and lovers of difficult slopes. A total of 260 km of prepared ski slopes, 180 km of off-piste slopes, 20 km of cross-country ski trails and a snowboard funpark. Also in Leh there are opportunities for heli-skiing (heli-skiing down the virgin slopes from helicopters). In Lech, Oberlech and Zürs you will find many shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and even a cinema.

Schladming (Austria)

The Schladming ski resort is located in the western part of Styria at an altitude of 750 m. Skiing began here at the end of the 19th century, and in the 20th century Schladming became one of the most prestigious resorts in Europe, where world skiing championships are held annually. Ski areas are located on the slopes of four mountains that make up a single ski region Dachstein-Tauern with a center in Schladming. It is worth noting that the Dachstein Tauern, in turn, is part of the largest ski region in Europe – Ski Amade, which unites 28 ski resorts in Styria and Salzburg. The highest point of the Dachstein-Tauern is at 2700 m, here is the Dachstein Glacier, where you can ski all year round. In total, more than 150 km of ski slopes of various difficulty levels are laid on the territory of the Dachstein Tauern, which are serviced by almost a hundred lifts. The ski season lasts here from November to April. In addition to skiing, the Dachstein Tauern offers opportunities for off-piste skiing, freeride, carving and other winter sports. The infrastructure of the resort meets the highest standards: numerous restaurants, bars, discos, shops, ski schools, equipment rentals, car rentals, fitness centers, baths, saunas and much more. In the summer, the Dachstein Tauern turns into a “mecca” for hiking, because along the local mountain slopes, through the forests.

Schladming (Austria)