Check out the Mistakes Women Make Using Leggings

We need to be honest and admit that every man has a crush on women with leggings. Either by physical attributes or by the mere fact of clothing show the “attributes” of a “wide open”.

But when you’re with a few pounds more, gets a little weird use of the piece. Then try to just use the legging by using some precautions to avoid being vulgar.

Check out a list of 16 most serious errors when using the leggings.

  1. single Size ever

Never find those sizes only. In addition to being too elastic are small and any move will be transparent or show too much.

  1. Pantyhose for leggings

Never use a tights leggings. They are much more transparent, and people will end up watching what’s under your clothes.

  1. Tank Tops or short shirts

Unless you have a sculptural body and a belly full of “candied” prefer not to choose it.

  1. Do not “jam”

Never pull your leggings so much up to the point of split you in half. It will call attention to other details its most intimate. Unless it’s of your intention.

  1. Believe me

If you have some love handles and a wider silhouette, opt for clothing slightly larger. Will fall better in the body.

  1. nude Tones

Do not buy anything from your skin color, mainly legging. Otherwise, it will appear that she’s naked.

  1. White not Color.

Don’t choose to buy leggings in white color. Because it will end up showing more than you really want.

  1. Undergarments with caution

Choose carefully what you wear underneath the legging. Avoid embarrassment of others choosing something that will stand out above the clothes.

  1. tight underwear

If you choose for very tight under the leggings, will end up marking your body and getting visible from outside.

  1. dental floss just in some cases

Only select FLOSS if you have a butt like hard rock. Otherwise the pants won’t hold any lump seemed a gelatin.

  1. Like a Macaw

Don’t choose those leggings all colored are walking around, besides being totally tacky does not enhance any bodies

  1. Hiding those unwanted cellulite

If your butt got a lot of cellulite, look for pieces thicker and darker colors. They will help give a softened in appearance.

  1. Trust yourself

Trust yourself. Even though someone tell you you look good wearing tights, but you’re not, don’t USE it.

  1. When doing sport

To do any sport do not use lagging normal pieces, look for those made of Lycra because it will allow their private parts and legs breathe better.

  1. Beaten

So the legging start presenting that looks shabby, dispose of it. It’s not pretty to walk the streets with old clothes.


Possibly you know those Sandals croc’s. Never under any circumstances use them in combination with the leggings. Never even.

If you follow these tips, you’ll see that use legging goes beyond use for the Academy and become a chic piece to get out for the day to day.