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Wallis and Futuna Attractions
Wallis and Futuna are Catholic islands. Therefore you can visit some interesting churches there on vacation.

The oldest church, St. Joseph, is in the south of the island of Valais near Mala’efo’ou. There are wonderful paintings of biblical scenes and fish motifs to be seen. These works of art are heavily influenced by tapa painting.

Also worth seeing is the Church of the Sacred Heart near Mata Utu Mata. It was built in 1991 and its architectural style is very similar to a lighthouse.

There are also sacred buildings to visit on Futuna. The Pierre Chanel Church should not be missed. It is dedicated to the saint of the same name. There you can also see many relics of this Pacific saint. In the Leva Church you can see impressive hand-carved male sculptures.

But Futuna also has other attractions to offer. There are traditional huts in the village of Vaisei, which were built without a single nail. In order to preserve the statics, special knotting techniques, also known as lashing, were used for connections. The braided connections are particularly noticeable as traditional colored patterns have been incorporated into them. The roofs of the huts have been made of coconut palms for hundreds of years.

One should have seen the fortifications Talietumu and Tonga Toto on Uvea, built in the fifteenth century. They are among the largest in the entire Pacific.

The Kings Palace in Wallis is also worth a visit.

The lake Lalolalo, which is located in the middle of a nature reserve, is something special. The lake is an almost round crater lake, around which there are thirty meters of vertically sloping rocks. For more information about the continent of Oceania, please check areacodesexplorer.com.