African Countries

The state of Mauritania, which is officially called the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, has highlands with highest elevations of up to 540 meters. While the north of Mauritania is very rainy, especially in winter, there is still a hot and dry desert climate.

The West African country Niger, on the other hand, has a large sandy desert, which also has the highest elevation of 2023 meters in the Air Mountains. Other mountain ranges can be found in the north and west, while the third largest river in Africa, the Niger of the same name, flows through the country for more than 650 kilometers.

A neighboring country to Niger is the Republic of Nigeria in West Africa. Furthermore, in the mountainous country to the Cameroon, the largest elevation with 2419 meters can be visited. The Niger River also flows more than 500 kilometers through the country Nigeria, which is characterized by more than 100 cities and only a small area of ​​sandy desert.

In the far west of Africa, however, the Republic of Senegal can be questioned. The country is located in the transition area between the Sahel zone and the tropics. While the coast is more than 500 kilometers long, the highest point is 581 meters. The Senegal River of the same name, on the other hand, is 350 kilometers long.

While Sierra Leone borders the Republic of Guinea in the northwest, the Sierra Lyoa Mountains rises with heights of up to 2000. The highest point is Mount Bintumani with more than 1940 meters. The largest rivers in the country, however, are Moro, Mano and Rokel.

With a land area of ​​50,000 square kilometers, Togo can be found in western Africa. However, due to its size, Togo is also referred to as a small state and therefore has few landforms. While the southwest is divided by the so-called Togo Mountains, Mono forms the longest river at around 400 kilometers. For more information about the continent of Africa, please check