Cannes Travel Guide

If the city break goes to Cannes, the key words are celebrities, luxury hotels, beach life, shopping and delicious food. You can travel here all year round, and always have a comfortable and exciting time. From Cannes you also have a short distance to several other cities and places that are worth a visit.


Cannes – The film city with a perfect climate

Most people associate Cannes with the international film festival. The luxury hotels are then filled with the most famous people on the planet. Many Norwegians in the media and advertising industry are well acquainted with Cannes, since the city also hosts the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The city is especially lively when these two festivals go off staff, but then we usually have to mortally book accommodation and hotels a very long time in advance. In addition, we must be prepared for the fact that the Gin n ‘Tonic costs a few kroner more than otherwise.

Cannes is perfect for a city break almost all year round. In July and August it can get a little too hot, even if you get the fresh sea breeze. The rest of the year, however, there is almost always a comfortable temperature on the French Riviera.

Recommended hotels in Cannes

  • Five Seas Hotel Cannes –Very nice 5-star luxury hotel with excellent facilities in the old town of Cannes. Extremely good feedback from satisfied guests.
  • Best Western Premier Mondial-Nice 4-star hotel in the center of Cannes. Perfect location with short distance to both shopping, restaurants and sights.
  • Hotel De ProvenceCharming and relatively affordable 3-star hotel in the center of Cannes. Superb and slightly secluded location near the seafront and shopping street. Here you get a lot for your money.

The easiest way to get to Cannes

Cannes does have its own airport, Cannes Mandelieu Airport, but almost no scheduled flights land there. Fiffen uses this airport for his private planes. People on a city break are referred to Nice Airport, which is only 24 kilometers away. You can get there directly with Norwegian in just under three hours. With a stopover, you can choose almost anything that can creep in or out of European airlines. The major carriers such as KLM, Lufthansa and Air France get you to Nice airport in about 5 hours if all goes well.

Hotels in Cannes

The so-called Belle Epoch hotels located along the Boulevard de la Croisette are on the top shelf when it comes to accommodation in Cannes. You have probably seen these on film or TV. They are easily recognizable with their white and pretty facades facing the beach. They are also the most expensive hotels. If your stay is short and you want to enjoy the same luxury as the celebrities when Cannes is the venue for the famous film festival, then this is the place to stay.

About 200 to 300 meters in a straight line backwards from the Boulevard de la Croisette, there are a number of hotels in the medium price range. Many of these have the charm of a thousand, beautiful roof terraces, balconies and gardens in the backyard. If you live here you have a short way to both beach life and the best shopping in Cannes.

The most affordable hotels in Cannes are located on the hill behind the old town. Several of these are very current, both in terms of price, quality and service. From here you have about a fifteen minute walk to get to the heart of Cannes, which is the seafront with the most beautiful buildings.

Beach life along La Croisette

Beach life along La Croisette

In Cannes you go to the beach, almost all year round. The city offers over 7 kilometers of beaches. The sand is fine-grained and clean, and the water is calm and inviting. Along Boulevard del la Croisette, the beaches of Macé Beach, Plage du Midi, Plage de la Casino, La Bocca Beach and Zamenhof Beach (among others) are open to everyone. You can settle down on your own blanket or bath towel, or rent a sun lounger and parasol for a cheap fee.

Along the Croisette there are also a number of private beach areas. Many are reserved for the guests of the great hotels, but you can use them for a fee. Some of the private areas also have good restaurants, such as Plage Croisette, Bâoli Beach and Bijou Plage.

Here are several big cities that offer beach life.

Once in Cannes

There is a lot to experience in Cannes, and no reason to fear boredom if you spend your next city break here. However, if you are first in the area we recommend several excursions. The French Riviera and Provence offer both charming idyll and clichéd glitter and glamor. If you move inland, for example by rental car, there are tons of beautiful little villages to visit.

If you walk along the coast, you have other impressive cities to visit in both directions, and with short distances in between . Monaco is no more than 55 kilometers away, and on the way there you pass Antibes and Nice. If you drive west, St. Tropez is an obvious stop. There are also passenger boats from Cannes to these cities. Grab a glass or a cup at the outdoor restaurants at one of the harbors, and take with you the insanely large yachts that lie there. Maybe you see a world celebrity or two.