Buy Property in Cyprus

Become a neighbor of Aphrodite
Thousands of Europeans annually strive to become owners of property in Cyprus. The choice of real estate is a complex and expensive issue, but the pleasure subsequently received more than redeems all the money and effort spent.

Imagine: banana plantations, organic food, the lazily rustling Mediterranean Sea, which allows you to enjoy its waters eight months a year; bright sun all year round, with short breaks for life-giving rain; amazing low mountains – if you like to contemplate and think about the meaning of life, then Cyprus is your island.

By the way, if you do not like – too! Maybe you are wondering how turtles give birth – please, next to your future home in Paphos there is a place where hundreds of turtles come every year for this purpose. If you are interested in history – all of ancient Greece is at your service.

Paphos was the capital of Cyprus several thousand years ago, here, wherever you dig – it’s all history! You like to make a promenade in the silence of pine trees, breathing in fragrant fresh air – all this is in abundance in Cyprus.

The Akamas nature reserve is located near Paphos – by the way, it is protected by UNESCO. In addition, the achievements of human thought and ingenuity – sun terraces, swimming pools, ornamental gardens, taverns, restaurants, playgrounds – in general, a carefully thought out excellent infrastructure will accompany any of your real estate purchases.

All you need is a good guide in the abyss of proposals for buying a house or apartment in Cyprus.

The process of purchasing a house, apartment or land is divided into several stages:
The first is to choose what you want.
The second is to make sure that this place can be built and that it can be owned at all.
Third – to register a contract for the purchase, you need to send it to the Regional Land Chamber.
Fourth – permission to purchase real estate is issued after an application to the Council of Ministers, in which you will have to reflect your financial situation, as well as the details of the property being purchased.
Fifth – confirmation to the Central Bank of the transferred funds in foreign currency and necessarily from abroad. All previously received documents are attached to it.

That’s all, one, two, three, four, five – and you become the owner of real estate on an amazing romantic island, which, by the way, even Aphrodite, the goddess of love, chose in times long past – she already had a taste.

Following her example, thousands of Europeans annually strive to become owners of property in Cyprus, which is why the prices of houses and apartments in Paphos are steadily rising.

Beach tours

The main advantage of beach tours is that Cyprus has one of the healthiest climates in the world – an intense Mediterranean climate.

According to EHEALTHFACTS, Cyprus is the sunniest island in the Mediterranean (up to 340 sunny days a year) with the warmest sea water, ranging from +16*C in January to +32*C in August. Dry hot summer from mid-May to mid-September and changeable winter from November to mid-March.

For true lovers of relaxation under the sun, Cyprus offers its wonderful beaches, which are considered among the best in the world. Beautiful clean golden sand and amazing blue sea will impress the most demanding tourist. You can sunbathe on absolutely any beach, even if it is located next to a hotel, but you will definitely have to pay for the opportunity to use sunbeds or umbrellas.

Cyprus, the easternmost of the Mediterranean islands of Europe, lies at the crossroads between East and West. Cyprus is attractive all year round. Next to untouched landscapes, quiet villages where time seems to have stopped, and magnificent cultural monuments of the island, tourists will find the latest infrastructure, modern cities and high-class hotels.

For tourists in Cyprus, there are great opportunities for a varied holiday. For lovers of educational tours, you can offer cruises to Egypt and Israel, sightseeing tours of the island, trips to monasteries and sightseeing of the monuments of ancient culture. Gourmets will find many restaurants and taverns with national cuisine and drinks, as well as be able to participate in wine tasting and buy the freshest fruits in the market. For tourists with children, it will be interesting to visit the Aquapark and the Dolphinarium. In Cyprus, you can go horseback riding, go on safari tours and mini-cruises, you can fly around the island on a microplane. Yachting, diving, fishing and octopus fishing are very popular.

And the holidays and festivals that are held in Cyprus at any time of the year will be of interest to all guests of the island.

Since 1975, the government has been pursuing a policy of encouraging offshore business, as well as the comprehensive development of tourism. The legislation of the island is based on the English system of law. The island has a very low crime rate.

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