Best 7 Places to Backpack in the World

Want to know where and how to make an awesome backpack with friends? So stay with us and read  this unmissable  post  on the topic!

If traveling is already the best choice to visit  unusual places, can you imagine sharing this experience with your people? There are destinations in various regions of the world that are ideal for hosting backpackers with friends.

And the good news is that there is the possibility of making excursions with economy and even visit places full of adventures. If you are one of those adventurers who want to have fun and learn about other cultures, keep an eye on our post.

Here you follow the 7 best backpacker destinations and learn how to prepare for a quiet itinerary. You’ll still see the benefits of traveling with your class. Let’s start?

How to prepare for backpacking with friends?

Before you pack your backpack, get your friends together and do some good planning. The tip here is to get organized in advance so as not to forget any details. Give preference to hostels as a form of accommodation, with advance reservation. If you leave it for the last minute, you risk running out of sleep.

This way you will save a good amount of money to spend on other things like food. Regarding the price of airline tickets, our suggestion is to search the promotions of the companies. Another alternative is to go to price survey websites and to find the cheapest ticket.

After the first steps have been taken, pay attention to the essentials you should  carry in your luggage. Check out the accessories below:

  • confortable clothes;
  • warm clothing;
  • swimsuits;
  • sneakers and slippers;
  • underwear and socks;
  • sunglasses;
  • padlocks;
  • female moneymaker;
  • Plug adapter;
  • photographic camera;
  • snacks such as cereal bars;
  • small pharmacy and hygiene kit;
  • personal and travel documents.

After reading about take-off care, look at the top destinations we’ve set for you.

What are the best destinations to backpack with friends?

  1. Atacama

We start our list with the beautiful city of Atacama,  Chile. The mix of diverse landscapes will make the tours more unusual. Just to get an idea, there is a mix of sand, ice, clear skies and beautiful fauna in the region. You just can’t forget to prepare your coat for very cold nights.

During the day, in warm weather, enjoy the bath at Laguna Cejar. Also visit the ruins of Pukara de Quitor in the Valle de la Muerte. Without doubt a great place to enjoy with friends.

  1. Antigua

In Guatemala, Antigua, the experience of the trip is due to a rich preserved history. With more than five centuries of foundation, the city built near volcanoes exudes great beauty.

Its cobbled streets and monuments from ancient times delight all the tourists who pass by. It is worth traveling to Central America to get to know the region.

  1. Montezuma

If you prefer a tropical destination, the tip is to pack a backpack in Montezuma, Costa Rica. There you can cool off on the area’s idyllic beaches. It still relaxes amid a view of bluish sea, cliffs, beautiful waterfalls and rivers.

Not only by the coast that the city enchants, but also by the regional culture that presents. Good examples of tourist attractions there are the National Parks and the modest shops in the center of town.

  1. Prague

We now move to  Europe in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The city is one of the most sought after destinations by backpackers. Filled with traditions and culture, the region fascinates with friendly residents and rich cuisine.

There are several cafes and bars offering tasty foods and great prices. In addition, visiting the Museum of Communism, where you have a chance to delve into the country’s history, is free.

  1. Melbourne

In Australia, Melbourne gives backpackers a roadmap aligned with a healthy lifestyle. There are many squares, beaches and parks very well maintained.

The celebration of friendship will be guaranteed if you want to have barbecues in these spaces. With the equipment already installed, everything works for free. Cycling is another very common Australian practice that catches visitors.

  1. Goa

Known around the world for being an exotic and contrasting place, India is also a destination for adventure. With vast territory, its culture and beliefs arouse fascination in visitors. To enjoy a more coastal vibe, the ideal is to visit the city of Goa in the south of the country.

Filled with beautiful and deserted beaches, the place is the meeting place for hippies and tourists seeking calm. By nightfall, the hype happens at parties on the coast.

  1. Chiang Mai

Our last suggestion of destination is in Thailand, in Chiang Mai, in the north of the country. The region conveys a lot of spirituality through its transcendental culture. There are hundreds of Buddhist temples scattered everywhere for you to visit.

There is also room for many nature-oriented walks and animal preservation. Good examples of this are the elephant protection center and a tour of the rainforests. At mealtimes, be sure to try organic and typical Thai foods.

What are the benefits of backpacking with friends?

As you have seen so far, the possibilities to choose to  travel with friends  are many. In addition, there are many advantages to celebrating friendship while traveling. Among the main ones are the search for new experiences and the valorization of companies.

One encourages the other to overcome limits that alone would not be able to. Do you know that urge to climb a mountain? With help and encouragement, everything is simpler. Read more advantages of traveling with the guys:

  • split the planning;
  • increase the bond of friendship;
  • feel the trip in a new way;
  • exchange experiences.

Finally, we also remember that when backpacking with friends, you pay attention to the documents required for takeoff. In many destinations, passport visas or even specific vaccines may be required. Once you have checked everything, just enjoy another fantastic trip.