Belgrade’s Best Beaches

Many people go to Belgrade in Serbia on longer holidays, but also on shorter weekends. The city is perfect for those who have a small wallet, but who at the same time want to be able to go on activities, discover new places, taste fantastic dishes and of course enjoy the sun and swimming. All over Serbia there are beaches where tourists and locals flock, but in Belgrade there are some that are clearly not to be missed.

In order for you to be able to quickly find the best beach in Belgrade, we have put together a list of the top three for tourists and locals. All beaches are located in the city of Belgrade, but in some cases the beaches occur in more island-like places. Put on proper shoes, take a taxi, car or bicycle and head out for a full day at the beach. All listed beaches offer restaurants or cafes on site where you can buy everything from snacks and food to refreshing ice cream or drinks.

1. Lido Beach

One of Belgrade’s most beautiful beaches is Lido Beach. The place is excellent for those who want a relaxing and quiet day, while it offers some activities for families with children. Unlike many other beaches in Belgrade or Serbia, Lido Beach is a sandy beach and you avoid far too many large rocks or gravel. Mostly locals, but also some tourists gather here. For those who wish to have a refreshing drink or a good bite to eat, there is a small café on site on the island. Cafés and shops can also be found on the other side of the bridge, the bridge that takes you out to the beautiful beach. The easiest way to get out is by car or bicycle.

2. Ada Ciganlija

According to TRAVELATIONARY, Ada Ciganlija is actually an artificial lake, which has made many tourists skeptical of visiting the beach. Those who have been there, however, believe that Ada Ciganlija is only a must if you are in Belgrade and the beach offers many opportunities and relaxing moments. On site you will find, among other things, free sun loungers to use if you buy something from the nearby café. If you want to vary the beach slope with more fast-paced experiences, there is a water ski park in the area and you can also take the noisy little train for an adventure around the entire lake. If you travel during the summer months, the heat can be incredibly high. Do not forget to bring sunscreen and stay in the shade.

3. Ada Lake

Do you have a lot of running in your legs or do you travel with fellow travelers who have difficulty sitting still? Ada Lake is a fantastic beach with both pebbles and sand where you can experience all kinds of sports and activities. For those who wish, there is the opportunity to relax in one of the comfortable sun loungers and if you want to get up and move, basketball, tennis and golf await. Ada Lake also offers the opportunity to grill and if you can not do this yourself, there are both cafes and restaurants on site. Wherever you look, Ada lake always has the highest ratings from previous visitors and travelers. In other words, there is nothing bad to say about the place, except that it can be really full of people during the hottest months.

Belgrade's best beaches