Attractions in Novi Sad

When it comes to sightseeing in a city that you must not miss, this can be very difficult. This has to do with what is interesting for you. You may just like to take it easy, get spa treatments and be the one who eats well and looks around in the nightlife. Yes, as we know, there are different types of travelers, but when you go to a city, most people usually see something that characterizes that particular city. This may be unconscious or it is something planned. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items. How you then do and judge this, is entirely up to you.

Monument to Serbian-Russian Friendship

As you probably know, Serbia was part of Yugoslavia, which was then divided into several autonomous countries. This monument is then something created after Serbia became independent. Quite simply, you who visit this place will get to see something modern that actually still works just as it always has.

Petrovaradin Fortress

According to USAERS, the great protection against attacks on the city of Novi Sad. Yes, this was a number of years ago, but you who visit this stately building can really understand what function it had to defend Novi Sad against the enemy that came via the river Danube.

Nowadays, this will be one of the city’s biggest tourist destinations. Most tourists make a pilgrimage here to look out over the river or simply to get a photo of themselves in a historic place. This fort was built in 1692, which then makes it almost 330 years old. Something very beautiful is to view this fort from a distance in the evenings, when the whole building and the surroundings come to life with a fantastic light.

Head to the beach in Novi Sad

Of course, you can not go on vacation without swimming and sunbathing on the beach. Yes, you say, but then you will not go to Novi Sad. It is located in the middle of the mainland. Yes, that’s right, but this does not mean that you will be without a completely approved sandy beach. Here, a very well-visited beach by the Danube river has been created, where you can easily spend a day and take a dip in the beautiful water.

Party and Nightlife in Novi Sad

If you are the one who likes to have fun and is thinking of going out on the town in Novi Sad one night, then this can really be recommended. Here you will find lots of pubs, bars and restaurants where the evening can start.

After this, the nightlife at a number of different clubs will continue well into the morning in Novi Sad. Here you will find everything from traditional clubs to R&B and Techno. For those who have a couple of years on their neck or just consider themselves a little more mature than others, there will also be one or two jazz clubs in Novi Sad. Quite simply, everyone finds their Novi Sad in this city.

Attractions in Novi Sad