Attractions in Niš

There will be lots of sights in Niš that you absolutely must not miss. This is about being the one who feels that you must be the one who gets a balance from your trip to this city. Some feel this strongly and will be those who are in a hectic search for new places. Here they always come home with lots of photos of themselves and their friends after each holiday. Then there are those who create video blogs, vlogs, and this is growing more and more. In fact, this says a lot more than just a blank and deserted photo.

Now that you’re in Niš and want to Vlog, what’s going on in your virtual life? Yes, this is a lot, but you will have a limited time, so you have to be careful with your choices. In fact, there are things that you just can not or should not miss when visiting Niš.

Nis Fortress

This fort is what was created many hundreds of years ago to protect the city from attack via the two rivers Sava and Danube that flow through the city. Here, this fort has been strategically placed at the point where the two rivers flow into the city. Yes, this was what this building was used for in the past. Today, this is one of the most visited sights in all of Niš. Nowadays, there are lots of small shops and a number of monuments in this park, and you can also sit down and have a coffee in a very pleasant café.

Imagine how good this can be, with you walking around this park and building, to describe what it was like once when the soldiers ruled at the mouth of the rivers.

Walk around the city

Something that is never wrong when you are the one who runs a vlog or is just the one who wants to see and photograph different things in the cities you come to, is to take a walk on your own. Here, this can be what really makes you discover Niš and the people who live in this city. Maybe you’ll find someone to talk to who lives in this city. Imagine how much you can learn from those who live there, instead of being the one who blindly trusts the guide.

Go out and eat

Something that is really fantastic in Serbia is the Serbian cuisine. Here, this may not be something you have heard so much about, but the fact is that it is much more than you can imagine. With that said, do not hesitate and be too careful. Get outside the hotel walls and experience the city and these delicious foods. You will find lots of restaurants to choose from. Something you can always count on is to always get well-cooked and for the eye very right and beautifully served food. Quite simply, you can only be yourself during a visit to Niš.

Attractions in Niš