Apple Patents The Phone without SIM Card That Would Provide Greater Freedom of Choice of Operator and Services

Apple It has patented an idea that perhaps, be implemented in the future, could become a great advantage for users of their devices. According to a discovery by Appleinsider, of Cupertino may be investigating how to grant users the control of the operator who is providing you with services. To be more precise, the way that they are looking for the iPhone is capable of storing information on configuration profiles and different operators, in such a way that users can switch between them at will.

In other words, entitled patent “ method and apparatus for the use of a device for wireless communication with multiple service providers ” (Method and Apparatus for Using a Wireless Communication Device with Multiple Service Providers) may eliminate the need to contact operators at our disposal to change our service provider.

The idea consists mainly in the incorporation of a software that can store the configuration data of the operators mobile phone, as well as their respective plans for voice and data, taking direct choice of choosing between options directly from the own devices.

While this option is very interesting, we will have to check What ACE hides Apple in the manga to persuade different mobile telecommunication companies to bet on this system, now that this freedom of choice, as it arises, it is de facto a heavy argument that collides with its philosophy of work.

However, could be beneficial in all aspects, given that the capacity of the user to choose who pay their bills It would lead to a total renovation in the panorama of rates and services, stoking competition between the different companies.

Of course, all this is a mere hypothesis, although the registration of the patent leaves firm constancy in Cupertino are thinking about it. However, don’t expect to see something similar on your next terminal.