Apple and Sony Will Use Similar to The Wii U on Their Devices Control Systems

Leaving us for a moment from the theme of the blog, we will also remember this week as a week in which Nintendo has introduced the successor to its successful Wii, the new Wii U, a console table that flirting with the concept of portability Thanks to its new and special controls.

And why not take the Apple TV system and the new feature AirPlay Mirroring of iPad 2 to do the same? It is what it has due be Apple and its developer community, which, like Sony, have declared be prepared to get this technology forward in your new systems.

We do not know if it was before the chicken or the egg, since Apple introduced iOS 5 last Monday and Nintendo did the same on Tuesday with its new Wii U, but is curious How can you curl this issue in the future.

The key to relate to Apple with the new Wii U is that the nuances of the presentation of the technology of Nintendo have directly inspired boys of Firemint, creators of the game Real Racing 2 HD, that you have announced that they will implement a system that will allow to convert AirPlay iOS for iPad 2 5 Mirroring function into “a new experience of freedom never seen before”(be warned that some”never seen before”).

This new mode of play in Real Racing 2 HD will show the development of the game on the TV screen Thanks to Apple TV while we use the iPad as a steering wheel, whose screen shows simultaneously information of the circuit and the times.

Sony, for its part, in a move that has nothing to do with mobile devices, tablets or similar, aims to combine their PlayStation 3 and its new PS Vita in a similar game mode. Has yet to develop the union, but I have ideas in conjunction with the team of the famous racing Wipeout game.