Antigua and Barbuda Population and Language

Almost the entire population lives on the main island of Antigua. Fewer than 2,000 residents live in Barbuda. The majority of the population are black slave descendants. The rest are white originating in Europe or people of mixed white and black descent.

There are also some Syrians and Lebanese in the country, but mainly immigrants from other parts of the Caribbean nowadays. One tenth of the population is believed to be descended from the Dominican Republic. At the same time, many native islanders emigrate.

Antigua and Barbuda Population Forecast

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English is the official language. Patois, who is a Creole (mixed language) based in English with some African features, is also spoken.

Antigua and Barbuda Population and Language



vast majority of blacks; small groups of whites as well as people of mixed European and African descent; Syrians, Lebanese, Dominicans

Number of residents

102 012 (2017)

Number of residents per square kilometer

232 (2017)

Percentage of residents in the cities

24.7 percent (2017)

Nativity / birth

16.2 per 1000 residents (2016)

Mortality / mortality

5.8 per 1000 residents (2016)


1.0 percent (2017)

Fertility rate

2.1 number of births per woman (2016)

Percentage of women

52.0 percent (2017)

Life expectancy

76 years (2016)

Life expectancy for women

79 years (2016)

Life expectancy for men

74 years (2016)


official language is English, the mixed language patois is also spoken