An Apple Patent Makes The Top Rear of The IPhone in Multiple Camera Accessories

Since the advent of the iPhone 4, have been many who have come to consider the experience of using a camera on a phone as one of the best in the industry, even while being a component with a very limited device space. So much so, it seems that both elements intersect, crashing into the road and putting engineers quite difficult task to combine a reasonable size on a smartphone with the possibility of hosting a larger lens, with optical zoom functions or add additional filters.

However, Apple seems to have some ideas on how to remedy this issue, passing by interchangeable rear covers with integrated optical elements in them.

As described in the application for patent & #8220;Back Panel for a Portable Electronic Device with Different Camera Lens Options“, which could be translated as “ rear panel of a portable electronic devices with different options of lens camera ” Cervantes language, such back-sides of a hypothetical iPhone would include:

  • Infrared filter to capture images in white and black in low light conditions.
  • A lens that reduces the minimum focal distance allowing to use the camera for the realization of first close-up “ ends & #8221;.
  • A baffle that, in combination with a supplementary lens, would increase the focal length and reduce the field of vision, so light outside that field would not be reflected in the sensor of the camera degraded the acquired image.

According to the application for patent by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the possibilities of the built-in camera would be increased through the integration of additional elements of control, including one small battery in the own lid removable.

In this way, own cover would become an accessory in itself, and may include elements ranging from an optical stabilizer with corrector of image based on the information provided by the accelerometer, to a stroboscope with self-powered, going through endless possibilities which, at the time, could open a new market niche in the accessories referred to.

Obviously, as we discussed at the beginning, detachable rear panel introduces a range of variables to take into consideration in the different phases of design, engineering and manufacturing, making it by far in an interesting project of r & d more than an option with certain possibilities to be carried out.