An Alarm Clock Ringing inside the Wall during 13 Years

Story was publicized by local media and the aid appeared

A family of Pennsylvania, USA, had an alarm clock inside a wall for 13 years.

It all happened over a decade ago when Jerry Lynn, owner of the House, down the alarm clock with a wire, inside a wall, so that this apitasse ten minutes later. The goal was to learn, through sound, where drilling to put a cable to the tv.

With the introduction of WALLCLOCKSTATION, this special alarm clock fell and went into the wall to play at the same time, at 6:50 or 7:50, depending on whether it was, or not, in the daylight.

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“I tied the alarm to a string and tuned it to that apitasse ten minutes later. I started to put it through the wall, but the wire and the alarm split up, “said Jerry Lynn to CBS Pittsburgh. Sylvia, a woman, said the clock was already part of the family.

The story was leaked by the local media and a company, the Low-Cost Heating and Air Conditioning, through Keith Andreen and Dawn Michelucci, who saw the story, offered to help and managed to remove the clock through a duct from the garage.

The watch still worked with the same stack, although this be eroded.