9 Best Amusement Parks in the World

Amusement parks are a great alternative for the whole family outing. Get to know the main ones in the world!

Who doesn’t like a good amusement park? This type of environment is completely suitable for people of all ages and is undoubtedly a great tour alternative to complement any trip. In these places, there are diverse attractions that promise to please even the most demanding.

Fortunately, there are many park options in many cities. However, knowing the characteristics of each of them is essential to making a good choice. From there, it is possible to decide the entire travel itinerary and adjust the family goals including this tour in the planning.

Would you like to know the most famous amusement parks around the planet? In the following, we will show the main features of some of the most important options. So you can decide which one is best suited to complement your entire family trip. Good reading!

1. Beto Carrero World

The Beto Carrero World theme park opened in 1991 and quickly became a sensation for that generation of people. During the 90s, this was one of the most visited places by Brazilians and, of course, also by people from other regions of Latin America and the world.

Located in the small town of Penha, Santa Catarina (about 90 kilometers away from the state capital,  Florianópolis ), this park has managed to survive the changes that have taken place over the last 30 years. Adapting to the new demands of the 21st century, it remains an incredible entertainment option in southern Brazil.


Today, the park remains the largest in Latin America and boasts over 100 attractions spread over 14 million square meters of pure fun. Its operation is daily between November, February and July. In the other months, low season, it works only on Thursdays and Sundays.

Overall, the park is divided into nine regions, each with a specific theme. They are: Avenue of Nations, Germanic Village, Fantasyland, Pirate Island, Wild West, Animal World, Extreme Adventure, Shrek Christmas and Madagascar. In each of them, there are attractions that talk with the main theme of the division.

In Animal World, for example, there is an amazing zoo with very interesting animals. The Dum-Dum roller coaster is also arranged in this region. The Radical Adventure is home to the park’s most radical toys and the Old West is a more intimate region that tells the story of Beto Carrero World and its founder, João Batista Sérgio Murad.

On the park’s official website, there are a number of special packages and the availability to book hotels near the complex. So you can plan your trip much more peacefully and, by the way, be close to several major cities of Santa Catarina, which is a great opportunity to complement your trip.

2. Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Inaugurated in 1999, the Islands of Adventure park (commonly called IOA) is one of the most important complexes in the amazing city of Florida, in the United States. It is part of a division of Universal Studios’ parks that are, alongside Disney’s, some of the most important places for American tourism.

Like Beto Carrero World, which we talked about above, Islands of Adventure is a large park divided into distinct regions, each with a completely different theme. However, each area of ​​these is absolutely gigantic and in order to visit them and really enjoy the ride, it is necessary to plan the trip well.


Areas are divided into: Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Skull Island: Reign of Kong, Jurassic Park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, The Lost Continent and Seuss Landing. In the following, we will discuss some of the most important subdivisions further and learn some of their characteristics. Come on?

Marvel Super Hero Island, as the name implies, is an area devoted entirely to Marvel superhero themed attractions. Here, you can visit The Incredible Hulk Coaster or the Spider-Man 3D simulator, for example.

There are also areas dedicated to the famous worlds of King Kong and Jurassic Park. For lovers of these franchises, visiting these regions of the park is a guarantee of great fun, nostalgia and in-depth discoveries about the characters and the whole context of the story.

Finally, the latest Harry Potter theme park is a must for fans of the saga. Here is the village of Hogsmeade and its main attractions, as seen in the books, including the majestic Hogwarts Castle. There is also the train that takes visitors to Diagon Alley and thus connects with another Universal park.

3. Universal Studios

The park that is connected to the Islands of Adventure by train is Universal Studios. Here is located the extension of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, with the construction of Diagon Alley, Gringotts and other attractions related to the great world of the saga. There are other ways to visit both parks, which are very close to each other without having to take the train.

In addition to this film, other great classics of this studio received honors in exclusive theme areas at Universal Studios Park. These include the award-winning Shrek animation, the friendly Despicable Me, and the Twister and The Mummy movies.

More attractions

One of the biggest is Transformers The Ride 3D, which follows the same line as the Spiderman simulator in the other park. It is always important to check the lines before you are ready to check out this attraction, which is one of the park’s hits and is always very popular.

In addition, another really cool moment is the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, an extraordinary and somewhat scary roller coaster that enables a completely personalized and exclusive experience. Here, you can choose the soundtrack you will hear along the way, and you can catch a footage of your reactions at the end of the trip. Cool, isn’t it?

There are also themed attractions on other movies, like ET – The Alien (a great classic!) And the Simpsons. It is possible to find outings and fun for the whole family, either through nostalgia or the great complexity of the games found.

Being a very popular park, the tour needs to be well planned so that no attractions are left out and the environment is less empty on the day your family chooses to visit you. It is a truly unforgettable and totally unmissable trip that cannot be missed from your itinerary!

4. Disney Parks

Ah,  Disney ! Who never dreamed of visiting this amazing magical world, right? The animations and films of this studio, led initially by the genius Walt Disney, have been part of many people’s childhood and lives for generations. The interesting thing is that they always keep reinventing themselves and reaching young people just as they once did.

Because of this, visiting Disney is a dream come true for people of all ages. It is often a wish kept for many decades in the hearts of children who are now adults. So maybe this is the perfect time to take this idea off paper and turn your dreams into reality? This is even the official slogan of the park!

This is an absolutely gigantic complex, with a number of divisions in other smaller parks and resorts. The topic of our conversation will be Walt Disney World, located in Bay Lake, Florida, but there are also Disney parks in other countries, such as France, Japan and China.


Among the theme parks located at Walt Disney World Resort are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kindgom. There are also many other attractions that are not part of any specific complex and that can be freely explored by participants, such as the water parks on the perimeter.

The most famous park probably is the Magic Kingdom. Here we can check out Cinderella Castle and many other attractions that bring us to the fairy tale movies we love so much. Hollywood Studios is an extension of this park, more geared toward movies (like Mickey classics   and many others).

Epcot, on the other hand, is a park area more focused on technology, culture and education. Visiting it is very interesting and totally unmissable! For animal lovers, Animal Kingdom is another tour that cannot be missed.

5. Discovery Cove

It’s time to talk about another unmissable park located in  Orlando : Discovery Cove. It is very different from everything we are used to seeing and certainly nothing like what we have seen so far on our list. Are you ready to meet this amazing attraction?

The main purpose of this park is to simulate the visitor’s experience of being in a resort located on a completely paradise island. Undoubtedly, Discovery Cove fulfills this role very well. Tourists passing by declare that they felt in a completely exotic environment and not in the middle of one of the largest cities in the United States.

It is open all year round (even during the colder seasons), but it is certainly much more interesting to visit during the warmer seasons. To  save  a little, get away from the high seasons or vacation periods in the United States, when the park gets too crowded and prices tend to go up a little.


While there are many must-see attractions in the park, the hottest of all is the Dolphin Swim. At this point, the visitor can live a completely unique experience: swimming with dolphins and interacting, even for a short time, with these completely wonderful creatures. This attraction can only be visited by children over 6 years old.

When purchasing tickets, you can opt for a number of packages. Each will give you access to unique attractions and obviously the more options, the higher the value. Other attractions available include the popular Grand Reef and Wind Away River.

In them you can come into greater contact with  nature. At the Grand Reef, for example, there are a number of goldfish swimming in the pool, along with rays and other amazing animals. This is an ideal tour for those who love natural beauty and want to know a little more about the environment.

6. The Island in Pigeon Forge

From the Florida region, the time has come to find out about another important North American theme park: The Island, located in Pigeon Forge, a citadel in Sevier County, Tennessee. Although little known, it is a great tour option in this region of the United States.

Suitable for people of all ages and therefore a great attraction for the whole family, The Island features some themed toys (such as the beautiful Ferris wheel, park postcard), rock climbing and more. Adults and children will have fun in this environment!

In addition, the park has a great infrastructure, able to please Greeks and Trojans. There is a large shopping complex in the region, with small shops and many craft sales, with completely exclusive items. This is, therefore, a good choice to buy the souvenirs of your friends and relatives who stayed in Brazil.


Restaurants are also another strong point of the place, which has a high cuisine at very affordable prices. So, spending all day here is completely possible, as you will find everything you need to live unforgettable experiences.

For adults visiting the park, there is also a great tasting of typical drinks, especially whiskey. This is therefore a good way to socialize with other visitors and relax even more!

Finally, one of the park’s most popular attractions has nothing to do with extreme toys. It involves the moment of watching the sunset from a specific point, which allows visitors to view this beauty of nature from a completely new angle.

7. Europa Park

From the United States, the time has come for us to go further east. Europa Park, as the name implies, is a park located on the European continent, more precisely in the city of Rust, Germany. This city is in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, southwest of the country.

Europa Park is currently the second most visited park on the continent, second only to Disney, located in Paris. It is a theme park geared towards European culture, but it is the head of tourists from around the world who love to know its many attractions.

It is therefore divided into regions that portray the most varied  countries  of the continent, such as Austria,  Germany, England, Greece, Germany, Spain, Russia and Portugal, among many others. In addition, the park has an area reserved for the Grimm’s Enchanted Forest, German writers famous for the fairy tales we know today.


Opened in 1975, Europa Park features 13 extreme roller coasters, built to cater for children from adventure-hungry adults. The little ones, on the other hand, have a region entirely dedicated to them: the area of ​​Ireland, which has Emerald Island themed attractions.

The Enchanted Forest, mentioned just above, is another of the great regions of the park. Here we can check out attractions on some of the most famous tales from around the world, such as Cinderella, John and Mary, Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood. There is also a bookstore and an exhibition about the characters.

If you are touring Europe, make an effort and include this park in your itinerary. Visiting it is a great opportunity to have fun with the whole family and, in addition, to know very interesting aspects about countries that you can often not visit in person, due to the lack of time. It is very worth it!

8. Tivoli Gardens

Now it’s time for us to go further south! Tivoli, or Tivoli Gardens, is an amusement park located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It is the second oldest in the world, being inaugurated in 1843 under the authorization of King Cristiano VIII. The oldest is another complex located also in Danish territory.

Speaking a little about history, the rationale for setting up the park was initially that while having fun, people had no time to think or reflect on political issues. The famous Danish bread and circus curiously spawned what is today one of the most amazing parks in the world. Who would say, is not it?

The history of the park is so striking that some composers have made songs about it. The complex is very rich and visiting it is therefore a great choice for people who have a deep interest in historical and cultural curiosities.


Much more than a historical attraction or a mere tourist spot, however, Tivoli Gardens offers a good range of fun for the whole family. These include roller coasters, a historic theater, cultural performances of dance and music, and more.

There is also a great concern with children’s fun. Because of this, there are bumper cars, carousels, themed environments such as The Fun House, and more.

So if you are passing through Denmark on your next  trip, fit Tivoli Gardens into your itinerary. Besides being a good history class, this park offers fun for the whole family in a classic and very beautiful style. You will take, in addition to beautiful photos, some great memories for a lifetime!

9. Beach Park

After visiting many parks abroad, let’s close our conversation with another amazing option in the Brazilian territory: Beach Park which, despite its English name, exudes Brazilianness. This huge complex, the largest water park in all of Latin America, is located on the beautiful coast of Ceará, in the city of Aquiraz.

The beach of Porto das Dunas, about 30 kilometers from the state capital of Ceará ( Fortaleza ), is the scene of the adventures lived in the Beach Park, which opened in 1989. With over 20,000 square meters, there are a number of Unforgettable attractions to visit in this place.

One of the most famous is Insane, a 40-meter-high free-falling waterslide. This dimension can be compared to a 14-story building, so it is reserved only for those who are truly fearless.

More options

If such extreme attractions are not your thing, don’t worry. Beach Park also offers quiet events, even completely suitable for young children. A good example is Acqua Circus, a completely water playground that will entertain the whole family.

However, not only pools, waves and slides live the Beach Park. Here you can also find a number of restaurants and even saunas and spas, so that everyone can find a good balance between fun and tranquility in this complex.

There are also resorts full of elegance and exclusivity. Among them are Wellness Beach Park Resort and Suites Beach Park Resorts, very famous and with several positive opinions about you. Thus, visiting this park is a complete experience ideal for the Brazilian summer!

So, did you enjoy visiting the most famous amusement parks in the world? Now that you know what the most popular options are, what are you waiting for? Start planning your long-awaited trip as soon as possible and make sure to include such a special tour in your itinerary. It’s fun for the whole family!

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