7 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Travel More

Everybody wish they could travel more, wouldn’t they? For sure, you want to know new places in Brazil and even other countries. Taking a few days off and visiting incredible destinations is always a good idea. Best of all, we know that you can do this more often without sacrificing your budget.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips so you can travel more and live new experiences more often.

1. Plan your trip in advance

Trip planning is one of the first steps to be taken. After all, it is essential to schedule the itinerary according to available budget and travel dates. Many people can know in advance when their vacation will be.

And that is a big advantage for the script organization. You can even start planning up to six months to a year in advance, so you can  get great discounts on early purchase  of tickets, accommodations and tickets to other attractions!

The good news for those who can’t choose when to take a vacation is that there are many holidays that fall on days near the weekend. This fact allows most to be able to amend the date.

And nothing better than a holiday to enjoy a few days of tranquility. So whenever the year starts, pick up your calendar and check the dates you’ll be available for travel. This makes it much easier to schedule the entire trip.

2. Plan the amount you can spend

The mistake of people is not to schedule the expenses they will have along the trip. This lack of financial organization causes most to overstep the credit card limit or get tight in the last few days with no money for anything, which is a major risk to traveler safety.

In this sense, as important as setting aside a sum of money for expenses, is knowing exactly what the daily costs will be: tickets, food, subway, taxi, lodging, tourist attractions, souvenirs and other entertainment expenses. It is recommended to set up a spreadsheet and list how much you can spend per day.

Also, it is important to  know how to manage the budget. Paying for airline tickets and credit card accommodation   can be more advantageous as it is possible to earn miles and exchange for services and benefits.

Similarly, most of the time, taking cash on the trip is better than paying by card, since IOF is levied on all these transactions. Thus, it is ideal to make a few withdrawals or withdraw as much as possible, as the fees that are charged for each withdrawal are often very high.

3. Prefer to travel in low season

If you’re looking for peace of mind and lower prices, scheduling your trip for less busy dates is a good idea. The  low season  is the ideal time for this. During this time, the prices of tickets,  hotels  and attraction tickets tend to be reduced, considering the lower demand of tourists.

In addition, the locations are less crowded, and you can get to know the sights more calmly without stress. Another advantage is that you can record every moment, taking your most neat photos without that crowd in the background.

This tip applies to those with the most flexible working calendar and can choose travel dates more freely. However, it costs nothing to talk to your boss and try to negotiate the vacation.

4. Buy airline tickets in advance

It is usually recommended to buy  international tickets  about 6 months in advance. Meanwhile,  nationals  can be purchased with 2 or 3 months left for the trip. Prices tend to be lower when tickets are purchased months in advance. However, this rule should not always be strictly followed. Therefore, it is best to check your available dates and always search.

5. Track airline ticket promotions

Have you ever imagined getting a fare for your dream destination at half price? Know that this is possible! Many airlines often offer ticket promotions several months in advance. Prices are much cheaper!

What’s more, you have the facility to plan more calmly and set the route without haste (and get discounts on early hotel reservations). Therefore, always keep an eye on the websites of aviation companies. These promotions usually come up suddenly and last a short time!

6. Set airfare price alerts

There are specialized websites that search for airline tickets. Thus, whenever the mechanisms identify a value below that practiced, they send a price alert to registered users. This makes it easier to get a promotion!

In this sense, you can  schedule alerts with promotion news  only for destinations you are interested in, meaning you don’t have to be receiving messages all day long!

7. Set your priorities

Keep your priorities in mind. What do you want at the moment? If you are a consumer and love buying clothes, eating out every day, having the latest cell phone model or changing cars every year, you will surely have less money left to make your travels. However, if you want to meet new destinations, change your spending habits and save whenever possible.

Knowing new destinations, cultures and people is always an amazing experience. Best of all, you can travel more without necessarily having to spend more on it. The key is knowing how to use money,  plan ahead and take advantage of promotions.  What are you waiting for? Change your habits and start practicing balance for a better quality of life!