5 Must for Tourists in Novi Sad

One thing you quickly see when you arrive in the city of Novi Sad in Serbia, is that this is a very beautiful city as a whole. This is simply about the new meeting the old, at the same time as a strong expansion and development takes place in the city. As a tourist, you are welcome to spend your holidays in a place where there is much to see and discover. When you visit Novi Sad this is not a coastal town, but despite this you will actually find a really good beach on the great river Danube. In addition to this, just check out some information about the beach and four other things you must not miss in Novi Sad.

Danube Beach and Novi Sad ??

Yes, of course you will not be able to compare this beach with a shimmering sea at any of the many coastal towns that are a hot tourist destination in the world. However, you will have a very pleasant day at this beach, where you can choose whether you really want to take a dip, or if you just want to relax with a picnic in the sun. In fact, this beach is very popular with tourists and locals alike. Simply one of the things you must not miss when visiting Novi Sad

Petrovaradin Fortress

According to EJINHUA, this large and fantastically well-preserved fort, located on the high bank of the Danube River, has been the stronghold of Novi Sad since time immemorial. Here, this will soon have been used to defend the city against attacks via the waterway. Today, everything will be restored to the smallest detail and anyone as a tourist in Novi Sad can visit this place. Here you also have the opportunity to go on guided tours, or experience this quickly on your own. When darkness falls over the city, this is quickly illuminated so that you always have something beautiful to look at on your evening hike along the Danube River.

Danube Park

Like most cities you visit in life, Novi Sad will also have one or more parks. However, this is about something that holds a very high class. This is Danube Park, which in fact has been protected as a natural monument for many years and serves as a symbol for the entire city. When you visit this park, you can feel the peace and you walk in a fabulously beautiful world, where every flowerbed and every little tree has received its share of care and love from those who take care of them.

Museum of Vojvodina

This is an ordinary museum that contains the city’s history. This then means that you will find art, historical objects and weapons as well as armor. Simply something that is very interesting to know what development has taken place in the place you visit.

City walk

Something that can also be very interesting is to get a city walk. Here you can choose to go with a group and guide, or you can take a long walk yourself. In most places you will find small signs and can easily read what this place has been used for in recent years.

5 must for tourists in Novi Sad