5 Must for Tourists in Niš

You who go to Serbia and visit the big city of Niš, will also be the one who can not miss everything you just have to see before you go home. Yes, in that case we are talking about sights. If this is your thing, there will be lots of things to see. This is something that more and more people are opening their eyes to, and therefore tourism to the Eastern European countries is flourishing something fantastic.

Now, as already mentioned, there will be plenty to see in Niš, but that cannot be described in a single article. We present here 5 must-sees for tourists in Niš. Five things and places that we think you just must not miss. Read on and see if you share our opinion.

Nis Fortress

Although the fort that can be seen in Novi Sad is much larger and even more beautiful, this does not go down well for picks either. Is it so that you are interested in the history of the country and the city, while you also have a love for architecture, well, then you really will not want to miss this view. Here you can get guided tours with lots of information, while you can also choose to discover this fort and its hidden secrets on your own.

Skull Tower

According to TIMEDICTIONARY, this building is built of human skull that has been placed as filler in the walls. Sure, it may sound like a morbid dream. Unfortunately, that’s true, but it’s something you’ll not find anywhere else in the world. Skull Tower was erected as a building and a monument after the great battle that bears the name Battle of Cegar.


Here you who still like history and old buildings have another place to visit. This is Niš largest archeological park. It can be dated back as far as the heyday of the Roman Empire. Here the time thus extended all the way to the former Yugoslavia. What can be seen is a city form that demonstrates a very high-class housing and a city with a very well-organized economy.


Here is another monument and a place that brings to mind the Battle of Cegar. This was a major battle against the Turkish army in 1809. Since the monument is in Serbia and does not belong to Turkey, it will be a given to understand who won. You are simply standing on the land of the victor.

The fantastic dishes

The food you find in Niš simply has to be something we elevate to an attraction. Here the eye always gets itss, which then speaks to the taste buds, which do the job of creating a well-being throughout the body. We are talking here about the Serbian food, which is really something that fills the palate with different powerful flavors.

The best thing you can do to get to know the genuine Serbian food is to go to a neighborhood restaurant, where you really get close to everyday life, home cooking and the “real” life in the area. Here you can taste the really good food from the city of Niš.

5 must for tourists in Niš