5 Dual SIM Galaxy Note Variant Could Have a Slot for MicroSD Hybrid

Despite early rumors indicated the opposite, it now seems a matter of course that the next phablet flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy 5, will not have a slot for micro SD. There are now so many rumors that point out this detail, and come from sources quite authoritative. Difficult that the news will be debunked at the official presentation, which will take place on August 13 in New York at the next Galaxy Unpacked.

From Taiwan comes though rumors at the time difficult to confirm that at least the variant dual SIM device (recently certified in Malaysia) might be different. One of the two SIM slots, in fact, would also allow thealternate install a micro SD. Being forced to choose between the second SIM and memory card is not the ideal scenario, but it’s still better than nothing.

The other problem of course will be the availability of the device. The variant “adjust” may not be available in Europe, at least initially, and historically very few variations dual SIM of flagship Samsung came in that market through official channels. You can always resort to parallel imports (indeed, if already you have to ricorrerci for the standard variant, might as well try to recover this), but probably few will do so. However, there are currently no certainties; have to wait a week or so.

Samsung Galaxy 5 is available online from Elettroprice to 530 euros or from ePRICE in 849 euro. The price is decent and there are 6 better models.