3 Popular Hotels in Belgrade

Something you will definitely find in a great abundance, are all the hotels available in Belgrade. There are two types of travelers here. One is those who go on profit and loss, to find their accommodation directly on site upon arrival. The other is those who plan their trip before they leave, so that they always get what they are looking for, a good price and have everything ready when they arrive in Belgrade.

Of course, finding accommodation will be perfect when you come to Belgrade. However, this is usually provided that you know the city you are coming to. Another option, of course, is that you are not so picky. You simply take the first thing you see, and enjoy it.

According to TRANSPORTHINT, there is a much better way. Please check out all the different hotels that Belgrade offers before your trip. You do this of course online, where you will also be able to directly book the hotel you fall for. If you trust us and we can give some good advice, then you can choose one of the three hotels in Belgrade that we recommend.

  • Hotel Slavija is located 1.7 km outside the city center
  • Happy Star Club located 6 km from Belgrade city center
  • Life Design Hotel which you will find right in the center of Belgrade

Hotel Slavija

The fact that Hotel Slavija is located 1.7 km from the city center will not change the fact that it is centrally located in Belgrade. Here you will find elegant rooms that always have all the facilities you could possibly want as a tourist in a country. The airport is only 16 km from the hotel and you can take a walk when you want to go on a trip on the beautiful river Danube. Here you will find a restaurant, bar and a very tasty breakfast.

Happy Star Club

Located 6 km from Belgrade city center, this hotel is located in the Vozdovac district. In this hotel you will also have access to wireless Internet in all places, and that there is also a casino in the same premises. Quite simply, this will be the paradise choice for the gambler. In any case, even you who do not play will thrive at Happy Star Club, which with its large and comfortable rooms always contributes to the well-being of the curious tourist.

Life Design Hotel

When it comes to Life Design Hotel, it is not the only advantage that you are located in the middle of the city center. Here you will also receive outstanding service and fantastic accommodation. This boutique-inspired hotel offers allergy-free rooms and a great fitness and health department. Here you will of course find a lovely bar and restaurant and you will always have everything in Belgrade within walking distance.

More hotels in Belgrade

Of course there are several hotels in Belgrade for those seeking. There will also be much better and more expensive, but these three we have as a proposal will give you very high quality for a price that is absolutely below the quality of accommodation, facilities and service.

3 popular hotels in Belgrade