10 HTC Evo in the Practice Test: the Flagship’s Big Brother at the Smaller Price

After HTC of 10 with 5.2-inch display, the Taiwanese bring now finally also a great variation of its top model: the 10 HTC evo offers not only a larger screen (5.5 inches), but also other technology than the normal 10. Can HTC defy the competition thus?

Design and handling

The first impression is massive: with 174 grams is 10 HTC evo verily no flyweight and 15.4 cm-length anything other than a slight Smartphone. But doesn’t matter. Sometimes it may be something tangible. Consistent with the decision clearly chamfer the edges of the design model of HTC 10 (5.2-inch display, 160 grams) on the edge. It is a pleasant change of pace compared to the Android-del design. Although the metal construction massively, the HTC 10 is evo with 8.1 mm strictly speaking even nearly as slim as the Galaxy S7 edge.

10 HTC evo: upper-class Smartphone in pictures

Two arguments for the 10 HTC evo

Once as Samsung & co. Put on plastic, were Android Smartphones from HTC’s unique aluminum coated. But high-quality design alone no longer, enough to take the buyer for HTC smartphones. Finally, almost every new Android Smartphone comes 3 T to convince over 200 euros in the fancy aluminum housing and equipment such as the Huawei P9 or the oneplus processing and technology in detail. Therefore must be the technology inside. Here, the HTC is focused on the strengths of HTC 10 10 evo. In two points, it is the smaller brother superior: a HTC managed Finally, to offer even a full metal Smartphone in the waterproof housing (IP57), on the other hand appears 10 HTC evo Android 7.0 factory, Nougat on the German market. Thus according to Google pixel (XL) and Huawei Mate 9 one of the first devices with Android

Old processor installed HTC

Considering the more technology , acts 10 HTC evo despite greater mass rather like a stripped down variant of the HTC top model 10: the older and weaker processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 assumes the drive. He was once known as the battery Eater with excessive heat. However, HTC product manager stresses Fabian Nappenbach, get the HTC 10 Evo the third generation of Snapdragon 810 used. Here, the weaknesses of the first version were long ago cleared out, in practice, there is no noticeable difference to newer processors is felt. Indeed, the test specimen at first try responded consistently liquid.

Why HTC on weaker technology sets

HTC has saved in other places compared to the normal HTC 10: so is 3 instead of 4 gigabytes of memory. The camera has a higher resolution (16 instead of 12 mega pixels), but comes without Super fast laser auto focus, instead, a phase autofocus in operation is. The battery is mah lush with 3,200, but only Qualcomm’s older quick charging technology quick batch 2.0; Quick batch 3.0 inside the HTC 10. Why does HTC on relatively old technology in the new Android car? One reason: HTC sees the HTC 10 evo only as second-best model, the top device should remain the normal HTC 10. Another reason: The HTC evo 10 starts early December 2016 with a suggested retail price of 579 euros, significantly under the 699 euro callee at the launch of the HTC 10. Meanwhile, the street price of the HTC 10 but on about 520 euro has fallen, so that the price of the HTC 10 evo probably to well under 500 euros will arrive.

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One more thing…

Two characteristics are emerging: 10 HTC evo waived before Moto Z and iphone 7 on a headphone jack. Instead, HTC delivers with a USB-type C headset. In which hides a special feature: it can perfectly adapt its sound to the ear canals of the respective user and filter out ambient noise, also in borders. Precisely this highlight of the 10 HTC evo Our site still does not test the adaptive USB headset was missing the previous series device, but it should enclose the retail version. More good news for audio fans: Music without additional app on Apple airplay devices (Apple TV, airport Express, AV receiver) is also the new HTC again.

Conclusion: 10 HTC evo

In the first impression, especially the massive, but sleek and waterproof metal housing in XXL format left a good impression. And it may be curious, how well does the audio adaptation in the Adaptive USB headset. But a few customers are likely to understand why HTC minimally obstructed slimmed-down technique for the large model. Although it must be admitted that the differences from the normal HTC is low, but with oneplus 3 T, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and sufficient alternatives with stronger technology the currently hardly available Huawei Mate 9. So the 10 HTC evo is a good Android Phablet for HTC fans or lovers of a somewhat unusual case designs. Anyone looking for a fast Android Phablet with good aluminum case for under 500 euros, better access to the oneplus 3T.