Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus in the Practice Test: The Fox Throws Bowl Located In (Aluminium)

Test conclusion: what you should know

With the swift 2 plus trying to unlock Wileyfox middle-class with a fingerprint sensor, USB-type-C and a chic metal housing that is not free from minor workmanship. Just like with the predecessor security and privacy through the alternative operating system cyanogen fans can look forward. The display is based also on the predecessor: upgrade to full HD, the new ALU Fox would have perhaps provided for open mouths. So he ends up with his technical performance in good mediocrity. Also too bad: as compared to its predecessor the Smartphone due to the simpler design and disclaimer on the fabric-like back loses quite a bit of individuality. Who does not want to default Android and can overlook minor weaknesses, get with the swift 2 plus an interesting Smartphone. The cell phone a candle but not China middle-class to Huawei and honor. Best price on the Internet: 219,99 EUR * per order this product on Amazon advanced security and privacy options by cyanogen OS Tolle front camera USB-type-C fingerprint sensor optional dual SIM expandable memory pretty design contra fast charging power supply missing or mixed processing battery set assessment Editor installed satisfying user rating (out of 1 reviews) Samsung, Huawei, honor, oneplus: many Smartphones, which make it to Germany, from Asian countries. Equipment like the Huawei Mate 9 or the oneplus 3 are primarily for a motto: higher, faster, more! Always sharper the display must be getting faster the processor. Meanwhile, it tried a handful of manufacturers in Europe with a different tactic: individuality here is the magic word. So the Spanish BQ Aquaris X 5 plus chic understatement, continues the Switel esmart H1 from Switzerland, however, on a failed cast housing. The English of Wileyfox offer what BQ have abolished its last model: the flagship swift running cyanogen OS with the alternative operating system. Our site has that plus tried latest Wileyfox phone swift 2 and reveals what is the device on the box.

Wileyfox swift 2 plus: images and test impressions

Metal housing with little quirks

The Wileyfox Swift 2 plus is a handy Smartphone in the form of a Samsung Galaxy S7. The simple and elegant design surprises with charming details such as the round phone speaker and the obligatory Fox head logo below the screen, as well as on the back. For the first time, Wileyfox relies on a metal casing that is thanks to the right non-slip back nicely in the hand and feels quite robust. Only at the top and bottom of the manufacturer probably used plastic because the antennas. Not so nice: clearances can be found at the transition from aluminium to plastic, in some places a significant paragraph is felt. The polished edge on the housing sides also not quite straight. Also, dirt catches to the back splash, which is to protect the display on the front side before falling slightly. The back is not removable, which thus determine obstructed battery. Switch and the volume buttons are on the right side of the housing. Left sits a compartment for a Nano-SIM card and a slot for a more micro-SIM (dual SIM) or a microsd card. Closes the drawer not quite with the housing, also here you can a significant edge feel.

Display: everything

(12.7 centimeters) of the 2 Wileyfox swift is a 5-inch display looks sufficiently sharp plus thanks to high definition (1280 x 720 pixels). However, the AHA effect is missing after you turn a little bot of the predecessor but the same number of pixels. At this point, a small upgrade would have been nice. However, the screen is hardly cause for complaint: he is pretty bright and offers a neat contrast, displays colors but a little too pale. The optimum angle of view is somewhat small, but still everything is clearly visible if you regularly clean the display also at side top view: it is very prone to fingerprints. Curious: When wiping movements makes the screen in certain situations, what he wants. So scroll window and in the opposite direction, when one is at the top or bottom edge. A single wiper movement recognizes the Smartphone also sometimes as two entries.

Alternative Android and fingerprint sensor

The Wileyfox Swift 2 plus runs the alternative operating system cyanogen in version 13.1, based on Android 6.0.1. Users have access to advanced data protection, and security options, for example with regard to blocking by callers and the single control app permissions. Speaking of security: a fingerprint sensor, which quickly unlocked the phone sits on the back. The battery comes on a fairly average capacity of 2,700 mah and supports the rapid charging quick batch 3.0 stupid but that no part of the net is the Smartphone, because only special power adapter support also quick batch 3.0. You can access even to another Web part, the full performance not achieved by the device while refueling but. Good, however: The swift 2 plus is equipped with a USB-type C connector that is not self-evident in this price class. However, USB on-the-go, that you can use for the direct transfer cell phone pictures to a hard drive, for example, does not support the Smartphone. The Wileyfox Swift 2 Wi-Fi plus the older n-standard on the 2.4 gigahertz band, Bluetooth 4.1, dominated the fast data connection LTE as well as NFC (such as contactless payment).

Pace is sufficient for everyday life

2 plus the eight core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, which pulses with up to 1.4 gigahertz inside the Wileyfox Swift. He receives assistance from the graphics unit Adreno 505. The operating speed is absolutely liquid, graphically sophisticated games like asphalt Xtreme run small, but verzeihbaren used. Various benchmark tests see the device not on the amount of time: at Geekbench 4 the LG G3 lost something in the days is a bit better, at gfxbench (a test for 3D graphics), both smartphones are roughly equal. The pace is but perfectly adequate for everyday use.

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Expandable memory or SIM

Both memory and disk space of the Wileyfox swift 2 plus are decent for the price range. Generous memory is 3 gigabytes in size, the internal storage reaches a size of 32 gigabytes. Of them, about 23.8 gigabyte are freely available. The storage space for photos, videos and music should suffice most users. If not, so the internal memory via microsd card is to expand but then occupied the square for a second SIM card up to 64 gigabytes. Mean: memory expansion or dual-SIM.

Fox with sharp eyes

Sits on the back of the Wileyfox Swift 2 plus a 16 Megapixel camera. She thrilled at outdoor shots with their high sharpness. Colors look very strong, partly but a little unnatural. In difficult lighting conditions, images are also unevenly lit. This helps the HDR mode, somewhat at the expense of sharpness. To do this you need to find of course the mode which is not so easy. Because, as already in the previous model, many settings are unnecessarily deep buried in the user interface. In artificial light, take photos of the lens slightly blurry photos and will be slightly inferior to the fresh air. Colors are also slightly too strong, the brightness in images, however, is true. The front-facing camera and its 8 mega pixels there to suspend anything. Colors, sharpness, brightness top! Videos in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) are slightly noisy, but otherwise go alright. Pictures of the Wileyfox Swift 2 plus and for the Samsung Galaxy S7 photo comparison test device, see the article.

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