Review: Flashlight Dynamo BL-Quechua

The flashlight has as the use on the roof of the tent as a light fixture. Instead of owning a focal length, has your diffused light by Milky globe in order to illuminate the entire area of the floor of the tent. Who never caught trying to hang your lantern on the roof and killing himself to direct it to where you want to?

The Quechua BL Dynamo was made to be supported as a lamp or hanging by the retractable handle on the ceiling. Can you risk the use in one or the other night drive. Both the handle as the handle are retractable and are collected when the use is not necessary.

The flashlight uses no batteries, according to Has a built-in lithium ion battery that has two sources of reloading. The first is by Dynamo system. While turning the crank turns mechanical energy into electric that will be stored. The tag specifies that each minute of manual loading results in 4 minutes of torch lighting. The second source is through a micro-USB port protected by a cover. It is possible to connect most of the smartphones market Chargers and other devices. If it does not, it is possible to use a cable that comes with the product and that attaches to the USB standard outputs common in laptops, audio and video devices in the car and even bi-volt or 12V adapters who already have commonly this interface. During charging the Red led lights up when making green color when in full load. The quechua declares that this battery is very resistant to long periods without recharging, since he put the fully charged Lantern.

Lantern hanging from the ceiling of the tent. | Photo: Paula/Marcos Pivari-MaCamp Site.

Detail from the cover that protects the micro USB port. | Photo: Paula/Marcos Pivari-MaCamp Site.

Retractable handle and crank. | Photo: Paula/Marcos Pivari-MaCamp Site.

To rotate the Dynamo crank. | Photo: Paula/Marcos Pivari-MaCamp Site.

Handle to hang from the ceiling of the tent. You can also leave it supported as lamp. | Photo: Paula/Marcos Pivari-MaCamp Site.

Micro USB charging port. You can use the loader of various cell phones. | Photo: Paula/Marcos Pivari-MaCamp Site.

Cable included with conventional USB interface compatible. | Photo: Paula/Marcos Pivari-MaCamp Site.

Cable connected. | Photo: Paula/Marcos Pivari-MaCamp Site.

Its operation is simple and practical. A single button performs all functions. The first touch activates the weak red flag. The second touch activates the white illumination mode of medium intensity and the third ring triggers the full mode with strong lighting. The next touch returns to the flag. To turn off the flashlight just press the button for a few seconds, but after a little time using the flashlight on, the first ring will be understood as “off”. As this is essentially electronic equipment, the Act of holding down the button for several seconds activates the function “reset”.

According to the own brand the strong power of the Lantern is of 50 Lumens and the battery lasts 4 hours. On average we have 25 Lumen intensity and durability of 9:00.

Some tests and ideas: Our use was very quiet on the ceiling of the tent for 3 days camping. We also use to see the way to the bathroom at night. Even without focal beam, she lit the way. An interesting thing is that the red flag can be very useful when you don’t want to wake your partner (a). The brightness is enough for a reading or to find something inside the tent. This doesn’t make it also a form of economy.

In full use in the tent. | Photo: Paula/Marcos Pivari-MaCamp Site.

Quechua tents already bring a hook in the ceiling, but lacked a solution to handle itself have a hook to other tents or gazebos that have only handles or their own rods as an option on the ceiling. The battery was enough for three days without charge (just some quick “play games” with Dinamo). Anyway when you get near the end of the battery light starts to blink. To light the Red led flashes it means there is more load.

* Product provided by Decathlon for evaluations and analyses MaCamp.