Nokia: “The Transition to Windows Phone 7 Will Take Two Years to Complete”

Nokia has presented today March 11 the form 20-F, a document which set a series of bases of market and financial interest to analysts during the fiscal year, that leaves some interesting qualifications on the Nokia with Microsoft agreement for the full adoption of Windows Phone 7 in the next two years.

Nokia intends to launch its first handset by the end of 2011, 2012 shoot the volume of sales of phones equipped with Microsoft’s operating system and get that all users of Symbian for end of 2013 has migrated to a Nokia with Windows Phone 7. Something ambitious, taking into account the 200 million Symbian phones currently active in the market.

Apart from the timing, again emphasizing that the Alliance of Microsoft and Nokia will not tend to a monopoly exclusivity and favoritism, but will promote the opening of the market to a wider range of geographic areas and prices. So we can forget about Nokias with Windows Phone 7 unexpectedly short term if more optimal forecasts are met.