New Lenovo Mobile Projecting Screen in Large Format

Lenovo announces a wild smartphone with world’s smallest laser projector, which also acts as a virtual keyboard.

Chinese Lenovo shows at an event in Beijing a brand new smartphone, rather than public, possessing a very special property.

Lenovo Smart Cast, as the smart phone is called, is equipped with the world’s smallest laser projector, which only measures 34 mm in height, 26 mm in width and 5 mm in thickness.

With the projector, you have the option to mirror the phone’s screen on your wall just like with the three year old Samsung Galaxy Beam, so you can enjoy a movie, game or surfing the net in large format. The projector is located at the top of the smart phone, and it provides a number of additional options.

The upper part of the Lenovo Smart Cast can be rotated, which sits two mirrors angle either way. The first mirror projecting the laser beam straight ahead to have it lying flat on a table surface, while you can turn the top 180 degrees in order to use the second mirror which projects the light obliquely downward in front of.


Get a virtual keyboard on your desk

With a small stand at the bottom of the back can you have Lenovo Smart Cast standing up for grabs, so that a full-blooded virtual keyboard appears on the table surface as if it were a computer you wrote on. It is probably in interaction with front camera, that detects your Lenovoen press the virtual keys.

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of the technology invited Lenovo a known Chinese pianist on stage for the event and projected a keyboard on the table. Here, he gave a very brief appearance as shown in this video, which also shows that it is not just a matter of concept videos, but that it is quite genuine.

The detailed specifications on the interesting smartphone is not yet lit. It is therefore not whether or not it is something that Lenovo is ready to lead in the market for private individuals, and if that is the case, it is probably only in the home Member State, China, for a start.