Nail Art Inspired by Winter, Most Original Ideas to Copy

Nail art inspired by the winter. New season and new fashions, all to copy: with the arrival of winter fantasy, in terms of artistic nails, never fails. There are many fun ideas and original inspiration to prepare for the arrival of Christmas.
Fashion nail proposes alternatives for your hands: nail art full of color and image access always amazing to put joy and counteract the cold of winter. Green light to pastel colors, but also intense colors and full, like Burgundy, purple, green, red, black and all that recalls the cold season and Christmas approaching. These tints are often adorned with a metallic finish and gold, that best represent the spirit and atmosphere of this period. The nuances and shades of winter are many and diverse. You can wander from the bolder colors with interesting touches of light to illuminate the nail art that rental.

Funny trendy designs as snowmen and snowflakes, in solid colors with splashes of gold, silver and red, between the shades used to better define the design. There are also proposals for all lovers of stars, but also by owls, reindeer and penguins: the animals are really among the most original themes to inspire. How else does not take a cue from nature with a nail art made of twigs and berries? Romantic, charming and feminine, instead, the nail art with many small kisses fibered or with delicious hearts that will wear your nails in a fun way and declare love and joy for Christmas approaching.

Draw your nails with a universe filled with small bright stars and galaxies for a nail art effect galaxy, perfectly in keeping with the film at the cinema “Interstellar” to have trendy nails.Implement them is very simple. We need a transparent base, a black or dark blue for the background, a light for the Nebula, and some bright colors for the various galaxies. Finally, equip yourself with glitter for an amazing finish.

The perfect nails need a top coat, the special coating that increases the duration of colored Nail Polish. Don’t forget the mini applications color pearls and glitter on a light or dark. Who doesn’t love the colors too bright can opt for decorations on neutral bases, from beige to light pink with geometric figures and brilliant applications and three-dimensional.

We see in the Photo Gallery the winter inspired nail art with the most original ideas, all to be copied!


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