Medion Life X 5520: Tested By Our Site Readers Exclusive

With the life X presents 5520 the Lenovo daughter Medion a well equipped smartphone in a chic metal case for only $299. The brand new unit has a fingerprint sensor as first Medion smartphone at all and runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The 5.5-inch (13.97 cm) smartphone offers full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels (“1080 p”) and is slightly rounded at the edges. Thus reminded, it removes the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.
Nine our site readers were the Medion X 5520 now extensively and exclusively try. The premiere Tester received your device before the official launch. The readers, who with her application of luck had, received the Medion to test and time sent the test protocol, could even permanently retain the Medion. All were from the nine reviewers. Also claimed eight of the nine readers that they their old Smartphone against the Medion life X 5520 would trade a great value!

Reviews of the X 5520 in detail

Operating the touch screen responds excellently. With the fingerprint sensor, the locked phone is immediately switched off. The three buttons at the bottom of the screen are personally better than appears in the touch screen for me. (Armin Brunner tester?) Camera the camera makes brilliant pictures and liquid videos. 13 mega pixel with the main camera and 5 mega pixels at the Selfiekamera are not always standard even if more expensive smartphones. (Tester Walter bird) Amazing pace: the mid-range processor not brakes from the Medion X 5520, but ensures sufficient pace for almost all applications. Who needs more? (Tester Michael Sommer) Fingerprint sensor for light soiling of the sensor, there were minor sensor errors. Otherwise proper operation and good visibility. (Heiko Haesler tester) Store of very large memory with expandable internally and even 64 GB, very good! (Tester André Ahrens) Display beautiful big, but thanks to a small but still handy, sharp, color-true, good contrast, sunlight readable, relatively large angles. (Tester Jürgen Wollny) The X 5520 in the alltagwelches experience with the Medion life X 5520 did you enjoy most?
The liquid works, Rumscrollen on the net, and good voice quality. (Norbert and Trudy tester) gopal-outdoor-appwie useful is the pre-installed gopal outdoor app and how well you like the features, operation and reliability of the app?
The app worked incorrectly. I had problems with the loading of maps. Otherwise a good idea. (Tester Oliver Müller) Battery the battery life I really like, even with constant use, he perseveres well two days, with non-use, the battery lasts at least 4-5 days without any problems. (Tester Joachim Arp)

The conclusion of the reader tester to the Medion Smartphone

Much memory, great battery

In the Medion X 5520 works an eight core Snapdragon 430 from Qualcomm, which brings the Smartphone with a clocking of 4 x 1, 4, and 4 x 1, 1 gigahertz speed. Generous 4 GB of memory are available for lively work, play or leaves the menu. Also the internal memory can be seen: the phone offers 64 gigabytes space for apps, pictures and music. Should this not suffice, the storage space by up to 128 gigabytes microsd card can be extended. This is however only if you can forgo the dual SIM capability, because the Medion X 5520 used a combined compartment, in which either a second Nano-SIM or a microsd card fits. There are two cameras with 13 megapixels (back) and 5 megapixel (front page) in the device. The battery is quite large with a capacity of 3,000 mah. The Smartphone via WLAN makes connections in the older n-standard, as well as Bluetooth 4.0. It also dominated the fast data connection LTE (CAT. 4 to 150 Mbps for downloads).

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Medion X 5520: pictures, info, test impressions

The Medion life X 5520 in detail

For Everyday Smartphone, the Medion Smartphone offers these Features:

Special tasks during the test

During the test phase of the Medion smartphones erhaielten six tasks of the tester, 5520 in everyday operation right to demand the X including a camera test , a speed check and a stress test for the battery.

Features of the Medion X 5520