LG G Watch Urban: a Failed Style Exercise [Test]

Review: LG gives his round G Watch R a facelift-but it’s not all cosmetic surgeries that have succeeded.

You go down to your local urforretning, you will quickly find that watches come in all imaginable sizes and price ranges. For popular urmærker like Seiko or Tissot, it is about having watches for every taste with hundreds of models in the catalog.

But behind the fine clock faces, it is most often the same mechanics are included, where it is either a quartz heart that is ticking every second or a mechanical movement that pulls the hands forward.

By comparison, would the product catalog at most smartwatch producers really scraped. There are elections typically between one or two models, where the election is to choose between the belts in leather or metal.

The Committee is limited and therefore extends the LG range with a luxurious variant of its round smartwatch, dubbed the LG G Watch Urban.

Therefore, beginning to get the hint of a selection of LG’s smart watches. The basic G Watch as beginner-smartwatch, LG G Watch R with a sporty look, and now LG G Watch Urban to the suit and tie-boys.

Specifications Of LG G Watch Urban

Goal: 45.2 x 52.2 x 11.0 mm
Weight: 66.5 g
Screen: 1.3 “around P-OLED 320 x 320 pixels, 245 – PPI
Performance: Snapdragon 400, 1, 2 GHz processor
Memory: 512 MB RAM – 4 GB storage space
Battery: 410mAh
Operating system: Android Wear 5.1.1
Second: IP67 certification, heart rate monitor, interchangeable straps


With ambitions to appeal to a finer segment, is Urban ekviperet with a more sophisticated design. As in G Watch R combines the steel and glass, but this time frame around the digital dial cast in polished steel with soft curves.

Although it gives the watch a shot class, I cannot entirely reconcile me with the design. Where strap and watch case meet, choose LG to over-provisioning metal frame, which gives the Agency a clumsy expression.

Watch case measures 45.2 x 52 mm and 11 mm protrudes out from the wrist. It places the Urban in the same league as larger Gent’s watches, but the clock is at the same time, completely flat, which means that the watch yawn around my right wrist through the slit (175 mm circumference).

The actual weight of 66.5 g is relatively low, but at the same time, something light and hollow compared to the classic Gent’s watches. These are not afraid to show off their massive metal construction via a comforting heaviness.

Button on the side is easy to operate, because it has only one function-to activate the clock. It clicks as it should, but are a little soft in the operation, which probably is a consequence of the fact that the watch is IP67-waterproof.

Behind the clock, it is again a plastic back as acting contact surface for your wrist. It gives off is not the same quality feel like metal, but is this time framed in more rigid plastics than in Watch R, it ensures a better wearing comfort.

When a clock is approaching the several thousand dollars in purchase price, must be like for the accessory, which unfortunately has not experienced in the supplied leather strap. It is leather, Yes, but of the thin and not particularly exclusive kinds. Contrast stitching at the same time, out of place in a clock that works entirely on the subtle and elegant.

However, you can easily install a different, more appealing, because it is a standard strap 22 mm buckle that holds fast on bracelet strap.

Same scraped the experience can be found in the packaging, which is a generic electronics packaging and not a jewelry box as classic watches in the price of the rent comes in.

A nice screen, with side effects

See you in addition to the Agency’s mechanical qualities, and turn the Agency will meet you by the same good screen which adorned the LG G Watch r. Urbanes sporty little brother was first with both a completely circular display, and OLED technology in the face of the watch.

It is so nice out at that time, and still look nice out today. With a pixel density of 245 PPI stands the various urtemaer sharply-as long as you do not nærstuderer them.

And so has a smartwatch undeniable benefits. You can fundamentally change the look of your clock by choosing between some of the included clock faces or by downloading one of the thousands of themes which are now to be found on Google’s Play Big.

It is very welcome, for the LG’s built-in themes suffers from a misplaced zeal to look like something it is not. False metal-look, Chronograph, moon phase, or GMT-mechanics convinces just don’t – it stresses that they are just cheap imitations.

The screen is bright and has, thanks to OLED technology, good, wide viewing angles. But Urban suffer from the same fatal error as LG’s previous watches. It lacks an automatic adjustment of brightness, resulting in that you must choose between a setting which is too weak or too strong indoors outdoors – or somewhere in between there never really matches the surroundings.

The display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, which is scratch-resistant, but is in the bottom edge of an expensive clock when the screen is exposed. Sapphire glass would be welcome here.


Android Wear gets progressively better …

To get started, you need to first install Wear værtsapp’en on your Android mobile (4.3 or newer) and pair the clock via Bluetooth. The actual setup takes a few minutes and is straight forward-then you’re ready to make intelligent clock by pushing notifications on to the wrist.

As soon as they hit the circular display, it is easy to get an overview of what is ticking in on the cell phone.And as with the other smartwatches, it is a pleasure to quickly display only, or reject, notifications, call or calendar appointments.

Behind the noble external stores Urban on exactly the same mechanism as in the autumn G Watch R. It continues to be a Snapdragon processor with 400 4 GB storage and 512 MB of RAM, which generally ranks for a smooth experience.

Since autumn has Google’s operating system for clockwork, Android Wear, evolved a share. Urban has cutting-edge 5.1.1 variant on board and with the consequences a redesign that promises the user experience.

App and settings icons gets a facelift and you can now more quickly navigate to the most recent used applications or contacts. It also spares for more unnecessary click-a Visual and functional progress.

Wi-Fi support is at the same time on the stairs – which will give the Agency new autonomy, since any open or shared networking in the future will be able to be used to communicate – without your phone need to be nearby.

… but still need to apply finishing touches

One of the preferred operating options, voice control Wears is still in the embryonic stage – at least with Danish optics. You can control several features by proclaiming ‘ OK Google ‘ and, for example, create a timer, calendar appointments or send a message – but currently only in English or one of the other supported languages.

Last, but unfortunately the error-filled, trick in Urban is the heart rate monitor. A microscopic device with diode and camera hiding in the bottom of the clock and measures your heart rate, which, on paper, are useful data for the exercise. It measures unfortunately far from reliable enough to actually be used. My measurements were consistently somewhere between 30 and 50 beats per minute too low in comparison with a dedicated heart rate monitor.

Another area where LG shoots past is the operating time. On paper is the battery at 410 mAh among the largest on the market, but it is not enough always to keep the clock running for 24 hours. In order to be able to count on Urban day off, you must turn the brightness down to 3 out of 5, or turn urvisningen off, and instead activate the clock by tilting the wrist.

The clock at the same time requires a dedicated dock to recharge does not make things better. Have you, like me, one day forgotten ladedocken in the Office, will be reduced to an agency quite usmart deadweight. The actual charging process takes 45 minutes on tjept – and is started again.


Buy rather predecessor

LG’s third attempt at a smartwatch is unfortunately not a charm. Despite an ambitious design, fulfilled the expectations for a stylish and exclusive men’s Watch did not.
There are finish, design and performance remains insufficient to convince me to scrap the classic Swiss men’s watch.

When dagprisen on 2,499.0-crowns at the same time, is well above the functionally identical LG G Watch R for 1,899.0-NOK, it is hard to recommend the Agency over his siblings. LG G Watch Urban must therefore settle for 3 stars out of 6 possible.