Jazztel Mobile Begins to Subsidize Mobile with Your Rate of 5 Cents Per Minute

The last month of November, Jazztel mobile He launched a flat fee of 5 cents per minute which made available its ADSL customers and now opens the possibility to hire her also to non-customers together with the grant of mobile phones.

Remember that 5 cents/minute rate has a call set-up 15 cents, messages at 10 cents/SMS in Exchange for minimum consumption 3 euros/month and is compatible with calls to 0 cents between customers, reaching the best price per minute if you do not want to pay fees to have internet. Among the similar rates (without fee and 5 cents), if we compare, find MÁSmovil with lower minimum consumption and cheap SMS, Simyo Internet totally free, compatible with saving modules Euskaltel and now Jazztel that begins to subsidize mobile.

Jazztel will subsidize phones from 0 euros and stay of 12 months as the Samsung E1170 for new customers or the Nokia C1-01 for those who have an antiquity in the ADSL Jazztel of at least 9 months.