Iphone 6S: Apple Repairs Defective Rechargeable Batteries

The iphone 6 is the most popular smartphone of the year 2016, millions of people use Apple’s last year model. However, many owners are not happy with the luxury mobile phone. Reports of technical problems with the phone are piling up for quite some time in the network. While the phone turns off suddenly and without apparent reason. Apple had most recently referenced a software bug, but now steers. On the official website of the company is to read that a production error for the misconduct of the Smartphone is responsible. The you wanted free fix.

Entitles only the selected devices

Stressing Apple, that only a very small number of devices of the defect is affected. In fact, it is only to a specific batch, the production of which falls in the period between September and October 2015. Whether you belong to these devices iphone 6 S, you can check using the serial number. Unlike in previous recalls, Apple of this time offers not the opportunity to ask permission for a free repair online however. Instead, customers must find an Apple retail store or an authorized dealer.

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Response to Chinese consumer?

You are eligible for the free battery and have you have repaired her iphone 6 S already at his own expense, the cost of repairs reimbursed Apple. So far, the information page for the Exchange program exclusively in English is available, yet should apply the offer worldwide. The repair offer could be a reaction to the Chinese consumer. He had asked Apple to an opinion after numerous complaints from iphone users. Only last week Apple had launched a repair service for broken iphone-6 displays in life is however subject to a charge.