Huawei Teaser for the Event on April 25.September

The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer has posted a video on YouTube, where the teaser for a large event on 25. September.

The rumors about the launch of a Windows Phone 8 from the Chinese mobile manufacturer has flourished on the Web lately.

Among other things, the website has been out with a date, which was called the 25.September 2012. This may turn out to be true-however, there may also be other than Windows Phone 8 units.

Huawei teaser now for an event in Singapore that day – namely the 25. September 2012. The video was uploaded on YouTube, as well as shared by Huawei even on their Facebook page. You can watch the video above.

They write, among other things, on their Facebook page that “Suntec Singapore will be the ultimate playground for Huawei’s quad-core devices. Comes the 25.09.2012. “