Assens Citizens Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief-Secured Networks

Citizens in Assens was close to losing an important part of their mobile coverage, however, came to an agreement in the House at the last minute.

Earlier this month found a greater conflict taking place in the archipelago, the telecommunications company our site risked losing his right to have a send mast on a plot that had been handed over to the State’s real estate company Freja.

REALTORS wanted after the transfer of the site have the entire one million crowns of our site, for the company to continue to have its mast on the site.

But the reason was only valued at approximately 50,000 kroner, and our site would not pay the higher price, and therefore citizens warned about future lack of coverage.

It was given several politicians out of the Chair, and since the State has promised the Danes better coverage among other things in outer areas, was the removal of our site’s mast from the area is not a viable solution.

The agreement is kept secret

But now writes that the State’s real estate company Freja and our site have agreed on a solution.

A solution that took place the day before that the Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon (S), was summoned for consultations on the subject.

-“From the information I’ve got prior to the consultation, so the problem is solved by that State properties (Freja, ed.) and our site now after negotiations reached an agreement on a sale price, and totals of the course is that the reason will be sold to Our site, “says Bjarne Corydon during the open consultation.

This means that our site container cover down in Assens, but what lies behind the consensus is a secret that even the Finance Minister does not want to reply to.

“We are pleased that, after a good dialogue with the State real estate company Freja is found a solution that both parties are happy with,” said Tom Lehn-C, communications officer at our site.