Apple Proposes to Use One SIM Card Still More Smaller Than The Current Micro-SIM

Apple returns today with one of those strange (but tremendously strategic) decisions It usually is taken almost with every technological advance that presents annually.

Apple has proposed, together multiple carriers which include Orange, the introduction of a new even smaller than the micro-SIM SIM card longer use the iPad with 3G and the iPhone 4. They apparently have a few clear reasons which make this proposal.

The progressive reduction in size in new devices Apple would be the main reason why have proceeded to make such a request. Apparently the micro-SIM seems to them too big in future purposes. All this would be materialized in future releases that would appear from next year.

Seen the topic, the questions that quickly it can come to us to the head with such proposal by Apple and its partners are: Is this really necessary? Is it positive? Is it negative?

All progress in the field of mobile technology It is always welcome, and the reduction of joint future chips that offer the power of a current set, or even a higher power, is something that engineers should aspire, but, isn’t the micro-SIM now small enough? What happen will with all the users who have already converted your SIM to micro-SIM? Again to start?

In addition, the micro-SIM, for now, Neither seems to have taken off far beyond the own products of Apple. Some operators (Yoigo, for example) They also provide this type of cards reduced through duplication or similar. The most effective technique to have a micro-SIM for many users of the iPad or iPhone 4 today passes through a kitchen knife.

We’ll see in that just this peculiar proposal of Apple and Orange.