Apple Promote Jony Ive for Design Manager

One of the greatest personalities of Apple, Jony Ive, will now be promoted to the California gigants design Manager.

Apple designer Jony Ive,, to promote a new Chief position in the field of design, which Apple calls the Chief Design Officer.

This means that Jony Ive it from the 1. June will be responsible for the entire design area at Apple whether it applies to the design of hardware products such as Apple Watch, the physical Apple Store-stores, Apple’s campus or software such as iOS.

As a result of promotion set two Apple-people to perform Jony Ives so far work tasks. Richard Howarth, who has been a part of the design team for two decades, will be vice President for industrial design-in other words hardware.

At the same time, the designer, Alan Dye, after 9 years in the company title Deputy Director of user interface on your résumé. The latter includes both the user interface on the desktop computers and mobile devices.

The three designers are already accustomed to working together and is, among other things, the creators of iOS, iOS 7 8 and the latest Apple Watch-watch, tells the Director, Tim Cook, in a message to all Apple employees.

If you like very much Jony Ives minimalist and stylish products, so fear not despite the reshuffle in the posts.

Ive would still take part in the development and help to design future products, but the day-to-day work is held now by the next two Deputy Directors, so that he is available for other tasks at Apple.