5 Hotels for Dogs in Lisbon: Get Peace of Mind in Their Absence

Thinking about the next holiday and dream with a few days of well deserved rest? But concerned where to leave your pet? So, you came to the right place, as we reveal 5 hotels for dogs in Lisbon, with quality services and affordable prices, which will enable you to go on vacation without worrying about your best friend.

5 Hotels for Dogs in Lisbon Get Peace of Mind in Their Absence

There are holidays in which we can take our animals, but not always the sites make it possible for us. As such, these hotels for dogs in Lisbon provide the answer and the solution you’re looking for: an accessible location, quality, with plenty of space outside, for your pet to feel less lack possible of themselves. After all, for him, these days will also be a holiday.



The Quinta do Sol offers accommodation spacious and comfortable, with ambient music and the possibility of heating for the coldest days, in such a way that your pet will feel almost like at home.

The daily price is included the accommodation in individual room, two tours per day, the hygiene of the accommodation, veterinary care and, of course, a lot of attention and pampering from the team of the space.


The Master Legs it emerged in response to the needs of families, to take care of an important member: the dog and offers a different option. This is not a single space, but several host families who open the doors of their house, willing to take care of the animals of the other.

All of this has immense advantages, from the outset the continued human contact that many animals can feel missing when you are staying in a hotel for dogs in Lisbon, or in any part of the world, because it is impossible to centralize attention on a single animal throughout the day.

The company has a wide network of host families, who are willing to receive your bigeye during the night and weekends. There are still a catalogue descriptive, so that you can select the family and the house perfect.

5 Hotels for Dogs in Lisbon Get Peace of Mind in Their Absence 2


The Valverde Hotel you don’t want your next trip from becoming a problem for anyone. Therefore, giving priority to the pleasure, comfort, security, hygiene and care which, during his absence, and will ensure your animal a perfect fit.

It’s a modern space, very well equipped and with all the facilities to be considered as a true home of 5 star.

All 36 boxes feature:

  • Painting with ink anti-fungal;
  • Central heating;
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation;
  • Ventilation and exhaust artificial and controlled;
  • Power unbreakable;
  • Nest covered;
  • Automatic water troughs;
  • Ambient music to reduce stress.

The Fifth of the Kick is installed on a land of about eight thousand square meters. And with all this outdoor space is easy to imagine your dog to run freely and play with other four-legged friends, which makes less difficult the task of choosing one of these hotels for dogs in Lisbon.

These are the equipment and services available for each animal:

  • A boxing individual, with areas comprised between 15m2 and 60m2, comprising of a covered zone, discovery and the other with the shade;
  • Two tours daily, at a minimum;
  • Activities, individual or in a group, daily;
  • Personalized support 24 hours per day;
  • Monitoring of a veterinarian whenever necessary;
  • Service baths and tosquias, so that they can play and mess at will, before returning home.

5 Hotels for Dogs in Lisbon Get Peace of Mind in Their Absence 3


The Caniroa established activities and ambitious objectives in the world of hotels for dogs in Lisbon. The great ground base is proporcionai maximum comfort, techniques and safety for the dogs, but also for the owners to be reassured when they go on vacation.

And all this is achieved through the dedication, determination, knowledge and professionalism that mark this team, which has more than thirty five years of experience.

Of course, that in a very help the fact that this hotel be located in Cartaxo, in the middle of the Ribatejo Region, in the countryside, close to the Tagus River, the forest areas, where reigns the calm and the quiet, without the city stress.